Discover Chanel’s Rouge Coco Bloom Lipstick

Lindsay Judge   |   14-05-2021

Chanel’s Rouge Coco Bloom is the latest lipstick launch by Chanel.


Bold and vibrant with an intense glow the new line offers a flawless application and a smooth and comfortable texture. A unique rotating twist application system has been specifically designed to ensure the product glides onto the lips, leaving a flawless finish of intense, luminous colour.



Rouge Coco Bloom combines the richness of lipstick and the shine of a gloss and is both long-lasting and pumping on the lips. The unique formula was created by the Chanel Research Laboratory in Paris and required years of testing and planning. Over 140 tests later Chanel Research came up with an exclusive, two-phase technology. The first phase secures the colour and the second products an ultra-shiny plumping effect.



As tests evolved the formula was perfected until a texture was found that melts on the lips while retaining its shine and long-lasting properties. Thanks to a high concentration of micronized pigments and a naturally-sourced, film-forming agent included in the coloured phase you will be left with a glowing colour for eight hours.



Micro-droplets of high refractive index oil form on the surface to naturally enhance your lip shape. Added benefits of the formula include comfort and hydration.



The collection features twenty-two vibrant shades developed by the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio.