The Rise Of A Male Pedicures

Diana Bell-Heather   |   19-01-2019

Live in Dubai long enough, and it naturally forces you to re-think your grooming regime, head to toe.


male pedicures dubai



Let’s focus on the toes for this particular segment. If in the past you tended to not give your feet much thought, all-year round sunshine is as good an excuse as any to start paying them some attention – if not purely for the reason to feel good on the beach.


Newbies to the city might be surprised, but male pedicures are a common practice here with many having hem alongside a trim or a facial, but what makes you feel confident to walk through the door and give your toes some TLC? It’s the bespoke environment.


male pedicures dubai

Bvlgari Resort Dubai


A space that’s tailored to a male client seems like a no brainer, but it’s something that makes you feel at ease when it comes to footcare. In most places, you get a 45 minute slot that involved exfoliation, toenail clipping and filing and a foot massage.


You don’t know what good toes look like until you’ve experienced a pedicure. Don’t do it to flash your feet at the next pool party, do it for your own personal confidence and in no time you’ll be booking yourself in as regularly as you do for a haircut.


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Bvlgari Hotel & Resort


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