Eyebrow Trends: What We Learned

Diana Bell-Heather   |   11-10-2017

aeworld.com middle east magazine SS18 beauty trends paris fashion week


From a full natural finish to microbladed perfect line, eyebrow trends come and go but there are certain rules you should always play by.


Some experimental looks have been making their rounds like the feathered brow where you part the eyebrow down the middle to make it look – you guessed it- like a feather. There has been the barbed wire trend where, with the help of some gel, you twist tips of the brow hairs in different directions, and most recently the wave where you draw on a waved line on the end of your brow.


Some styles were made for Instagram, but for day to day we found that a natural look is always best so here are some tips to keep your brow game strong.


aeworld.com middle east magazine SS18 beauty trends paris fashion week


Define, not alter.

Don’t over manipulate the natural shape of your brow line as that is what works best for your face shape. Start small and then go from there.


Put those tweezers down.

Plucking a pesky hair here and there is fine for maintenance purposes, but we all have got carried away in the past and paid the price, so keep tweezing to a minimum.


Don’t follow trends.

As per above, we doubt that feathered brows will catch on, but there are runway looks that you can try out as long as they do drastically change your eyebrow shape.


All you need is a neat brow.

You might wake up thinking you need a whole lot of makeup to look ‘youself’, but sometimes all it takes is an eyebrow pencil.


Easy on the tinting.

Tinted brows are great for those who want extra definition, but make sure to try a lighter colour first before you end up with black blocks above your eyes that will take weeks to wash out.


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