Five Scents That Are Perfect For The Holiday Season

Emma Hodgson   |   11-12-2023

Luxury perfume house Parfums de Marly has five enchanting scents for the holiday season. This exquisite collection exudes lasting elegance, making it the perfect gift choice for those who appreciate timeless allure and luxury.


The star of the collection, a timeless floral composition with Turkish rose, lily of the valley, and peony, with a velvety musk and vanilla. It’s the ideal gift for someone who cherishes classic femininity.


A favourite among men, brings an addictive mix of bergamot, lavender, and amber with caramelized coffee notes. This fragrance, perfect for gifting, offers a lasting allure with its blend of classic elegance and modern flair.


This is a captivating creation for the modern hedonist, blends woody and vanilla notes with a touch of Bourbon vanilla. This fragrance offers a lasting allure, ideal for those who seek a unique olfactory experience.


This perfume offers a captivating fusion of marshmallow, vanilla, and caramel. This gourmand scent, ideal for gifting, provides a luxurious experience with its blend of comforting warmth and contemporary charm.


This scent exudes confidence and refinement. With its refreshing blend of citrus bergamot and mandarin, complemented by a touch of woody undertones, it leaves an unforgettable impression.