Guerlain Presents an Artistic Collaboration With Maison Matisse

Lindsay Judge   |   03-01-2023

This January Guerlain reinforces its close collaboration with the art world with the launch of two limited edition Exceptional Creations.


Two fragrances from the Maison’s L’Art & La Matière collection have been reimagined by Maison Matisse, a design house founded by family members of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and the sublime master of colour dubbed the “Painter of Happiness”, Henri Matisse.



Founded in 2019 by Jean-Matthieu Matisse, the painter’s great-grandson, as a way to celebrate and share the daring values of this versatile artist, Maison Matisse offers decorative objects and furniture designed by emerging and renowned contemporary designers.


By interpreting the late Matisse’s work without copying it and supporting contemporary design rather than following trends, Maison Matisse offers pieces that reflect an artistic philosophy. Its pieces are meant to be kept and passed on from one generation to the next. To maintain this artistic heritage and create timeless pieces, Maison Matisse works with designers and craftsmen with exceptional know-how.



The collaboration features two colourful designs including one on a limited edition Maison Matisse Bee Bottle for Exceptional Creations and the second, across three new pieces of the L’Art & La Matière collection.


To celebrate the 170th anniversary of the Bee Bottle, a spectacular new release in the Exceptional Creations collection will feature a design inspired by “The Music” (1939), one of Matisse’s most renowned paintings. Created by the artisan Astrid de Chaillé, vibrantly coloured motifs will adorn 14 unique bottles.


To mark the occasion, Guerlain Perfumers have also composed Couleur Bonheur, a modern fruity chypre fragrance filled with olfactory colours as sunny and bright as the artist’s palette. This precious perfume extract will be exclusive to the Maison Matisse Bee Bottle.

Meanwhile, for the L’Art & La Matière collection, the partnership has led to a further three special editions. Hearts, jasmine blossoms and leaves come together alongside an exclusive olfactory masterpiece inspired by the 1950 artwork, “The Thousand and One Nights”, to create Guerlain’s new Jasmin Bonheur fragrance complete with stunning decorative plate. Its vibrant design is also echoed on an edition of the Figue Azur candle.



“With this beautiful collaboration between two French houses, Guerlain and Maison Matisse have established an exceptional artistic collaboration. This will make 2023 the year of Matisse at Guerlain, thanks to an array of extraordinary limited edition pieces. These extraordinary, joyful pieces from a house inspired by the undisputed master of modern art will transform Guerlain’s emblematic Bee Bottle and L’Art & La Matière bottles into works of art in their own right.


To mark the occasion, Guerlain boutiques around the world will celebrate the collaboration with colourful flair. This unique collaboration with Maison Matisse demonstrates Guerlain’s desire to continue to bring the worlds of perfume and art ever closer. From the great masters of the 20th century to the young contemporary artists we exhibit and whose work we support, our artistic collaborations must always be fair. Fair with the art world, fair with reality.” Said Ann-Caroline Prazan, Guerlain’s Director of Art, Culture and Heritage.