Luxury British House Penhaligon’s Unveils New Scent Inspired By Saudi Arabia

Emma Hodgson   |   03-03-2024

The 154-year-old British luxury perfumery Penhaligon’s has unveiled a new scent inspired by one of Saudi Arabia’s most famous regions.

Called the Al Ula scent it is the first fragrance specifically designed for and inspired by the Middle East

Discussing the new scent, the house said in the notes which accompanied its release  “This fragrance encapsulates the essence of Al Ula, where civilizations converge amidst stone structures that reach for the sky. Caravans traverse desert plains, carrying treasures for the senses – tobacco, cotton, and silk. The fragrance unfolds like a dream, where natural springs make the land fertile, and the air is filled with the succulent aroma of plums and sweet lemons. Palm orchards, calligraphic artistry, and unexpected treasures burst to life in this fragrant oasis”.

“Al Ula is a sensory story, with stone, water, and plants as its pages. A tale of date palms swaying in a harvest wind, carrying scents of citrus and fig. It echoes a rich history steeped in spice markets, spirituality, creativity, and community – a cultural tapestry waiting to be explored” the house continued.