Our Pick Of The Latest Men’s Fragrances This Fall

Lindsay Judge   |   12-10-2023

There are plenty of new scents available this season, here is a round-up of the best ones on the market.


The new Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Parfum by Prada embodies a fresh wave of masculine intensity. This fragrance seamlessly blends intense sophistication and sensuality through natures finest ingredients. Top notes open with the invigorating and sparkling sensation of grapefruit, sublimated by the presence of fresh, spicy juniper berry and peppery elemi essence that creates an aromatic wave. Sage forms the heart offering a warm amber note and shaping the note by revealing its powerful lavender and honey-like facets. This is complemented by the houses signature creamy iris accord, awakened here by the vibrancy and verticality of frankincense augmented by elemi and amber woods accord.


Guerlain has added a new fragrance to its LArt & La Matière line. Tobacco Honey pays tribute to one of the most mysterious, unsung ingredients of the perfumery world: tobacco. The sensual substance of raw tobacco reveals itself as an accord, unveiling its most beautiful facets when paired with honey. The contrasting ingredients make way for a deeply captivating fragrance incorporating leather, smoke, chocolate and wood. For the reveal, Guerlain partnered with artist Anne Féat Gaiss to craft an exceptional plate in the palette of Tobacco Honey featured on the perfumes campaign images. The Parisian artist has embodied the fragrance of Tobacco Honey by assembling sheets of paper, which she has delicately sculpted and gilded with copper leaf.


Tutti Twilly dHermès is the newest fragrance from the Parisian luxury house. Designed for the chic Hermès girl, this playful perfume combines distinctive ginger notes and delicate petals with exhilarating lychee and the enveloping embrace of musk. Tutti Twilly dHermès is presented in an eye-catching lychee-red bottle, complete with a cute silk ribbon. Designed by Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel, the fragrance is designed to be worn in unexpected areas on the body; dabbed behind the ears, in the hollow of a shoulder or the crease of an ankle.


Loewes Botanical Rainbow collection is getting a new edition in the form of Aire Anthesis: the first in a new generation of scents featuring a signature LOEWE Accord, based on the Spanish rockrose. The Loewe Accord is crafted by in-house perfumier Nuria Cruelles to express LOEWEs singular identity and unify the Botanical Rainbow with a single connective olfactory thread. This unisex perfume is presented in an eye-catching blue hue and features in the brands new campaign, which stars actress Úrsula Corberó and Greta Lee, alongside actor and Brand Ambassador Stéphane Bak.


The House of Creed has revealed the latest edition to its feminine fragrance portfolio. Carmina is a bold yet sultry scent that will take you on a journey to magical locations. In a nod to the Houses tailoring origins, Carmina takes its inspiration from Henry Creeds sketchbooks which have been passed down for generations within the houses founding family and recently rediscovered in the private rooms of Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie. The fragrance captures the spirit of the colourful, creative designs seen on the pages of the sketchbook. It features black cherry, silage, pink pepper, violet and muted rose. Saffron adds a touch of warmth, and finally, cashmere wood adds a captivating edge.


Aesops Ouranon Eau de Parfum encapsulates the interplay of permanence and decay via earthy minerality, incandescent spices and ritualistic, resinous woods. This new scent is the sixth and final instalment of Othertopias, a collection of transportive aromas that will whisk you away. Ouranon opens with the sparkling citrus of Petitgrain alongside the green, vibrant spice of Elemi and fresh, almost camphoraceous notes of Lavender Flower. These gradually recede to reveal the vast expanse of warm aromatics that make up the fragrances heart—resonant herbaceous notes of Chamomile, amplified by Hay and underpinned by rich, resinous Frankincense. Ouranons final act alludes to silent monoliths casting shadows in the moonlight—steeped in ambery warmth. Myrrh exudes enduring minerality, descending into the powerful and dark earthiness of Patchouli and rich, rounded notes of Tonka.


Lancôme has a new feminine update to its Idôle line, which first debuted in 2019. The new Idôle Now is inspired by a brighter future and the light of a new dawn. Idôle Now expresses the perfect symbiosis between high-quality natural ingredients origin and science to create bolder and richer fragrances. It combines a unique trio of iconic ingredients augmented by science: uplifted rose, nature-print orchid and augmented vanilla combine to perfect this floral fragrance, finished with the juicy freshness of a pear accord, the vibrant woodiness of Patchouli and the floral twist of ambery chypre.


British perfumer Penhaligons newest scent is inspired by English butler Mr Thompson. The namesake perfume is an enchanting tribute to the art of being a perfect butler, much like Mr. Thompson himself. Imagine an infusion of soft yet sparkling spices that open this captivating fragrance, inviting you into a world of olfactory delight. The journey continues with the velvety allure of sesame milk, a note that adds depth and richness, evoking images of opulent feasts and grand banquets as you savour this scent, a rich and sweet vanilla bean unfolds, revealing its spellbinding sensuality. Its a fragrance that lingers on your skin, leaving an invisible but unforgettable presence in your wake. 


MYSLF EDP by YSL is a suave, sensual orange blossom fragrance with the sparkling quality of vert de bergamot. Its a fine-tuned, superbly balanced scent that twists the woody fragrance family with flowers. This woody quality is subtle and intensifies the fragrance by adding depth, sensuality, and long-lastingness to it. A 100% natural biotech material derived from sugar cane, AmbrofixTM brings uniquely sensual, modern woody ambery vibes and an authentic ambergris note that ties in with the clary sage of the fresh aromatic accord. Other key ingredients include diva lavender and clary sage heart, both from Provence in France as well as geranium bourbon heart from Madagascar.