Guerlain Reveals One Of Its Most Innovative Skincare Products Yet

Lindsay Judge   |   15-01-2022

Guerlain has revealed a newly formulated edition of its iconic Orchidée Impériale.


This reinvention of the brand’s special body cream further unlocks the power and exceptional healing and regenerative properties of the orchid flower.


This 2022 edition of Orchidée Impériale combines High Regeneration, High Naturalness and High Sensoriality to regenerate the visible signs of ageing, for longer as well as being an eco-friendly product in line with the brand’s guidelines.



The cream’s hero ingredient is the molecular extract: Orchid Totum found within the orchid plant. Composed of a wide variety of molecules, this molecular extract helps to regulate cell respiration, optimising skin regeneration and, for the first time, targets a longevity enzyme at the root of skin’s youth* to regenerate the visible signs of ageing.



“Orchid roots are extremely specialised organs capable of producing numerous molecules involved in the plant’s defence. These various molecules are able to balance themselves out and are of great interest in treating biological disorders.” Said FRÉDÉRIC BONTÉ, Director of Scientific Communication for Guerlain.



The new product includes 96 per cent naturally-derived ingredients and features a fine, ultra-soft texture that fuses with the skin and keeps it within a protective film all day long.


The new Orchidée Impériale body cream is now available in stores globally.