Here’s What We Know About Beyonce’s New Hair Care Line So Far

Emma Hodgson   |   04-08-2023

Back in May, Beyonce dropped the news that she was starting her own hair care line. It’s not unusual for celebrities to crossover into other sectors (Rihanna, made Fenty a 1.4 billion dollar success, for example). And so we can expect Queen Bey’s line to make an equal impact when it is finally revealed. 

Here is what we know so far, about Beyonce’s new range. 

Beyonce’s first job was in a hair salon 

The multi-award winning and record-breaking singer actually worked her first job in a hair salon. “How many of you knew my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon?” the singer shared with fans on her Instagram page.She recognises the cultural impact of haircare

The power of haircare 

Beyonce knows the deeply personal relationship women have with their hair, and has said her move into haircare was inspired by seeing the way her mother helped people. “ “I saw first hand how the ways we nurture and celebrate hair can directly impact our souls. I watched her heal and be of service to so many women,” she said.

Celebrity experience

Over the years in the industry, Beyonce has worked with some of the biggest names in haircare to create many of her signature looks. Which she says, has helped her create her new project.  “Having learned so much on my hair journey, I’ve always dreamed of carrying on her legacy,” she continued.

Release date 

Although an official release date has not been announced, Beyonce’s birthday is in early September, so she could make an announcement then to mark the occasion. Watch this space!

Image credit: Beyonce/Instagram