Huda Beauty Sponsors NASCAR’s First Female Arab Driver

Lindsay Judge   |   29-04-2021

Huda Beauty is sponsoring NASCAR’s First Female Arab Driver Toni Breidinger for her track debut at General Tire 200 at Talladega Speedway.


Breidinger will be driving the Huda Beauty 02 Chevrolet SS for Young’s Motorsports. Intentionally showcasing Arab-owned brands for her track debut and her 3rd series start in NASCAR’s ARCA Menards series; Toni pays homage to her and Huda’s Middle Eastern roots and American upbringing in celebration of Arab Heritage Month.


Toni will be working closely with Huda Kattan, Founder and Chairwoman of Huda Beauty, to shine a light on the importance of cultural representation and women’s empowerment. This partnership comes at a particularly important time when consumers and audiences are asking for diverse stories, voices, and representation in all areas of their lives and it serves as a source of empowerment for women hoping to achieve their dreams.


“Toni Breidinger is a bad ass woman setting an incredible example for people around the world. I am in awe of her accomplishments and so excited to watch her grow and continue to break barriers. Her efforts and successes are second to none and I couldn’t be prouder to support her during this incredible moment in her career and in her life. She is a walking representation of what our brand, Huda Beauty, stands for: Passion and Purpose. It was a no brainer for us to want to support her on this day – she is an absolute rock star! We’re rooting for you big time, Toni.” Said Huda Kattan


Toni Breidinger followed with a comment: “Huda was a big inspiration to me growing up. When I was younger, I used to sit in my room and pretend to make YouTube videos just like her and it feels like a full circle moment now that I get to work alongside her. I am beyond honored to continue to tell the story of the importance of inclusivity and diversity through our work together.” 


Tune into General Tire 200 at Talladega Speedway on Saturday April 24, 2021 at 1:00pm on FOX Sports.