Jennifer Aniston Launches Haircare Brand LolaVie

Lindsay Judge   |   12-09-2021

She has one of the most iconic hairstyles in the world and “The Rachel” has long inspired millions of women to change their hairdo over the years, now Jennifer Aniston is putting her locks to good use by launching her own haircare line; LolaVie.


The vegan brand aims to help prioritise hair health and ensure healthier, shinier locks that will look and feel great with products that are kinder to our hair and offer positive results.



The first product the Glossing Detangler is a shine-boosting detangler which is now available to order and there’s promise of an expanded range coming soon. Its all-natural formula contains plant-based ceramides, bamboo essence, and extracts from lemons and chia seeds.


The name LolaVie combines the Friends actress’s nickname Lola and the word Vie meaning “life” in French. Aniston was reportedly heavily involved in all aspects of developing the brand from product development to ingredients sourcing to creative direction. It is thought this is a project that is very close to her heart after struggling to find effective hair products that are all-natural throughout her career.


The product is yet to be launched in the Middle East but stay tuned for more updates as they are revealed.