Huda Beauty Launches New Range; GLOWISH

Lindsay Judge   |   23-05-2021

Huda Katan’s makeup company launches a new summer line: GLOWISH.


Huda Beauty is expanding its family with a new line of products that will offer that glowing summer skin we all dream of.



GLOWISH launches with a new skin tint that combines moisture, glow and a hint of colour to give you that just-been-to-the-beach effect.


GLOWISH MULTIDEW Skin Tint is not a tinted moisturiser, not a BB cream, the skin tint is loaded with the perfect balance of pigments and undetectable light-diffusing pearls that instantly blur and brighten your complexion giving skin a natural sheer coverage yet dewy, all-day glow.



This fabulous new product enhances your natural beauty and feels light and flexible on your skin keeping it healthy and vibrant for up to eight hours.


Made with 92.6% naturally derived ingredients, the fragrance-free formula works as a moisturiser as well as a light glowy foundation.


There are a number of ways to wear this product. Either on its own for a natural and effortless look, or with your regular foundation to add a fresh glow to your skin. Or if you want to add a little pop to your cheekbones? Dab it on in specific spots for a natural glow up.



“A natural radiance is a key to feeling confident in your own skin, so I’ve designed the perfect lightweight formula that not only leaves skin with an all-day dew but nourishes as well.Says Huda Kattan.


GLOWISH MULTIDEW Skin Tint is available in 13 ultra-stretchable shades to suit every skin tone, and it’s also waterproof, sweat-proof and transfer-proof so you can feel confident in your skin no matter the temperature!