Saudi Arabian Beauty Brand ASTERI Launches Ramadan Capsule

Emma Hodgson   |   22-03-2024

Saudi Arabian beauty house ASTERI has announced a fabulous new curated collection, in honour of Ramadan 2024 called “Al Goroub”.

The Ramadan capsule offers a range of specially curated makeup products for the Ramadan season, focusing on hydration thanks to its hybrid formulations infused with skincare ingredients.

Discussing the new collection, the house said: “Ramadan is a time of reflection, spiritual growth, and generosity, and ASTERI is dedicated to honouring these values through a campaign that encourages individuals to focus on self-care, embracing mindfulness, and indulging in products that promote inner well-being and confidence.”

Alongside the launch of its new product range, the house is also partnering with non-profit organisation Mawaddah throughout the Holy Month. 

Mawaddah is dedicated to fostering compassion and social welfare across Saudi Arabia. According to the house, the partnership is rooted in shared values, with a portion of sales from Asteri Follow the Stars Tins being dedicated to supporting Mawaddah’s initiative.