How To Get K-Beauty’s Glass Skin Look

Aeworld   |   14-11-2022

In the last decade, the K-Beauty community has steadfastly carved a revered reputation for championing radiant, dewy skin. But while in the past their double-digit skincare regimes were a daunting prospect, K-Beauty’s latest skincare focus encapsulates a more holistic approach to achieving radiance than its predecessors.


“Glass skin” focuses on the luminosity and clarity of a complexion and is a byword for skin so smooth and dewy, it reflects the light as glass would. “Glass Skin is when a complexion so clear that it appears as if it’s behind a freshly-washed pane of glass,” says Edwige Gandin, Beautician at Pastels Salon Dubai. “To achieve this, you really need to focus on the health of your skin.”



At one London clinic, Skinfluencer, where skin health is an absolute priority, helping its clients achieve glass skin has yielded tremendous results.  “No matter what your skin type, glass skin is about someone’s skin being at its healthiest. That healthiness will shine through, so you can reveal a crystal-clear, transparent complexion,” says Dalya Sager, Skinfluencer’s Global Trainer. “Clients have told us that by finally achieving optimum skin health, they have become less reliant on camouflaging their complexions with heavy makeup and they feel more confident!”


So, what exactly do you need to do to achieve optimum skin health and in turn, glass skin? Unsurprisingly for a K-Beauty trend, as Gandin explains, skincare plays its part as drenching your skin in moisture is the hallmark of this beauty aspiration. “Your skincare routine should start with thorough cleansing, followed by layering lightweight, hydrating products to create the appearance of glowing skin. The secret is in the careful layering of humectants such as hyaluronic acid and followed by acclaimed glow-inducers and actives that will strengthen your skin barrier such as niacinamide and peptides.”



Sager agrees. “A consistent skincare routine will ensure the surface of the skin will be smooth, while it will hydrate just below the surface to create a moist, plump and lustrous appearance that catches the light and reflects it. Generally speaking, you should start the routine by double cleansing and exfoliating. Then use a skincare serum that comprises hyaluronic acid molecules—one of the most acclaimed hydrating ingredients on the market. If you want to combat inflammation, you can also use a serum that has niacinamide before using a hydrating cream. End the routine with either an SPF (in the morning) or retinol (in the evening). To amplify the regime you can add in a face oil to strengthen lipid barrier and use a face mask once a week.”


According to Dr Hassan El Husseini, Dermatologist at Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, glass skin is even possible for problematic skin, although there is a caveat.Obviously, if you have any skincare issues such as hyperpigmentation, you may also need to have in-clinic treatments, use prescribed products and generally be under the supervision of a dermatologist to achieve healthy, radiant skin, which are the markers of glass skin,” he says.


To really make a dramatic difference to your complexion, however, you need to offer it the holistic care it needs to thrive, says El Husseini. “Skin is a living organ and so to be as healthy as possible, it needs a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, fatty acids, plenty of water and at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night, in addition to a dedicated skincare regime.”


As expected from any K-Beauty trend, glass skin is not something that will give you instant gratification, rather it takes consistent commitment. But with relentless dedication, your skin will most definitely reap clear rewards.


Words by Maria Stapleton