Taking Care of Your Skin Throughout Ramadan

Lindsay Judge   |   09-04-2022

When fasting during Ramadan our skin can become dry and dehydrated, much like our bodies. As the weather also begins to heat up in the region it’s incredibly important to be using the right products in the right way in order to sustain a glowing complexion and to look and feel our best. With that in mind, we talk to Elemis brand trainer Ieva Onaityte to discover the latest tips, tricks and trends that will help to preserve our skin’s natural beauty throughout the Holy Month and beyond.


What are some tips you can offer for taking care of your skin during the month of Ramadan?

The skin will be more dehydrated than normal for those who are fasting so it’s crucial to use products with hydrating ingredients to keep your skin looking plumped and glowing.



How should we adapt our skincare regime throughout the Holy Month?

I advise my clients to use enzymatic exfoliators which will nibble away at dry and dead skin cells followed by overnight face and eye masks for increased hydration while they are sleeping.


Are there any things we can do aside from using the correct products to help our skin during this time?

It’s crucial to drink plenty of water and consume superfoods such as blueberries, avocados, goji berries and other antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables which will maintain a natural healthy glow throughout the Holy Month.



What are some of the products you would recommend for dehydrated skin that many people might experience during this month?

My 3 all-time favourite products are:

  1. Pro-Collagen Marine Cream – clinically proven to increase hydration by 248% in just one hour. It is extremely lightweight with rose and mimosa aromatics.
  2. Rehydrating Ginseng toner – this infuses the skin with a boost of hydration while also balancing the pH level of your skin.
  3. Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Aqua Infusion Mask – contains aqua shuttle technology and encapsulated seaweed ingredients that will continuously drip feed the skin for more than eight hours.



Are there any in-salon treatments you would recommend?

ELEMIS facials, supercharged with BIOTEC technologies. It’s a 5 in 1 machine that offers in-depth and longer-lasting results. From anti-ageing to deep cleaning, to hydration to oxygen infusion, this treatment will cover all of the concerns you may have throughout Ramadan.


The weather is starting to heat up in Dubai – how can we protect our skin from the heat starting now?

It is important to keep your skin hydrated all day and night as even when you are indoors a lot more, the air conditioning tends to dry our skin out. I also advise drinking plenty of water.



What are some of the latest skincare trends that particularly interest you?

I continue to be interested in clinically proven skincare. With our fast-paced life, clients want to see results yesterday and to only use good quality ingredients is no longer enough, it’s also about how they are penetrated into the skin to ensure its full potential. Elemis continues to be a pioneer in the skincare industry, providing multi-award-winning clinically proven products.


In terms of ingredients would you recommend natural or manmade or a combination of both?

I recommend natural ingredients, however, manmade ingredients do need to come into play from time to time. For example, when it comes to SPF, the only natural option we have currently is titanium dioxide which is white in colour and isn’t compatible with make-up users. This is when micronised sunscreen which is widely used in the industry, comes into play.



What are some of the ingredients we should look for in products throughout the month of Ramadan?

Hyaluronic acid. It is 1,000 times more hydrating than water itself and when applied to the skin, will hold moisture content like a sponge, helping to reduce dehydration.


How often should we be using overnight masks and are there any you would recommend?

We should all be using an overnight mask 1-2 times per week or when our skin needs an additional boost while sleeping. My favourite one is ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Mask which can be used during the day or at night, over your night cream. It will ensure you wake up with radiant and glowing skin. 


What is the biggest mistake you see people do when it comes to their skincare regime?

Using the same products for more than five or ten years. Our lifestyle and skin change continuously, therefore our skincare products should reflect that. Adding or changing our facial oil or serum will challenge the skin in a new way.



What are the latest products from Elemis that we should add to our beauty cupboard today?

One of the latest and my favourite launches is Superfood Midnight Facial. It’s an overnight sleeping night cream that will leave dry, thirsty skin feeling silky soft, radiant and replenished with moisture upon wakening.