The Science of Beauty

Lindsay Judge   |   14-11-2020

Skincare solutions that are bringing together these two worlds and providing visible log-lasting results.


While beauty is on one level about what’s on the outside, in today’s industry it goes far deeper than this. The world’s top beauty brands have dedicated decades of research into finding products that really improve the condition of our skin and fix the problems and issues that affect many of us today. We all want results that are truly visible, without the risk of surgery or invasive treatments, and while there are hundreds of solutions out there, it’s difficult to tell those that really do work from the ones that don’t. Here we discover the latest science-based skincare products that are providing results that will truly have the ability to change the course of your skin’s future.





Dior’s philosophy to skincare has always been to monitor medical advances, identify the most relevant and be the first in applying them to cosmetics and skincare. In 2020 Dior announced one of their most innovative products yet. Capture Totale C.E.L.L Energy is a range that focuses on the restoration of cellular energy to reactivate the skin’s youthful beauty.


A new patented technology revives vita energy deep beneath the skin’s surface and artificial intelligence allowed Dior Science to go beyond visible signs and analyse the key to our perception of age: the face’s visible health and vitality. This new range offers “total” skincare (hence the name) with a full range of products. Ingredients include a unique complex of four flowers that work in synergy to revitalise the skin. All formulas boast Bio-Cellular Technology, along with specific and complementary ingredients unique to each product.


Key to the range is the Capture Totale Super Potent Serum which was developed to be super performative in age-defying. With an ultra-active texture in affinity with the skin, it offers a revitalisation for a skin-firming effect and a powerful treatment for all signs of ageing. The Capture Totale Firming & Wrinkle-Correcting Crème restores the skin on every level by strengthening the barrier and improving suppleness from deep within. While the Capture Totale High-Performance treatment Serum Lotion refreshes, plumps, resets and conditions the skin. Finally, the Capture Totale High-Performance Gentle Cleanser gently cleanses the skin, ridding the face of impurities (makeup, pollution, dead skin cells) while maintaining its natural hydration.






Chanel’s LE LIFT Crème De Nuit has been developed as a two-part night ritual designed to soothe and re-energise the skin during its rest time. Extensive research has found that cellular proliferation reaches its peak at night when its renewal is 30 times more active than during the day. While we sleep, the skin works silently, transforming itself so that it can look fresh each morning. With our busy days and environmental factors, stress and tiredness can mean that the skin is no longer able to renew itself. It becomes more reactive, uncomfortable and sensitised then in the evening, it can no longer calm itself. This leads to NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), causing inflammation and discomfort. The skin’s natural cycles are disturbed. Its night time renewal is less effective and signs of ageing appear more quickly. Chanel’s LE LIFT is a new night care formula which comforts the skin and stimulates its renewal so that you can still glow during the day. Made with 94 per cent natural-origin ingredients, this product is kinder to your skin and soothes it throughout the night.


LE LIFT Crème De Nuit is undeniably efficient thanks to extensive research to solve this specific issue that many women face today. With its creamy, fresh and velvety texture, ensured by a combination of oils and butters, such as jojoba oil and Shea butter, it envelops the face with a soothing caress that eases the skin and mind. Formulated with a combination of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and glycerin, it leaves skin more comfortable, ready to spend a relaxed and revitalising night. The two-part ritual includes a soothing technique inspired by yoga to remove tension from the face. This should be done each night before application. Then after applying LE LIFT Crème De Nuit the re-energising technique will leave your skin feeling smoothed and soft. For maximum benefits, combine LE LIFT Crème de Nuit with LE LIFT Sérum and LE LIFT Crème Yeux.





This year, after extensive research and discovery, Sisley introduces anti-ageing care programme; Sisleÿa L’intégral Anti-Âge La Cure. For the first time, Sisley has taken inspiration from research concerning the mechanisms of autophagy. This has resulted in a product capable of reactivating the cell’s vital energy at its source to combat the consequences of time better than ever before and to fully restore the skin’s vitality. As skin cells grow older they lose their ability to regenerate and restore themselves thanks to years of stress, environmental aggressions and hormonal changes – this is what we come to know as ageing. Sisleÿa La Cure is a four-week programme intended to restart the fundamental cell mechanisms in your skin one by one and minimise these signs of the ageing process. After four weeks of using this intense product, the skin’s quality and radiance are restored, transformed through deep and intense regeneration. For this product, Sisley Laboratories were inspired by a major scientific discovery revealed by the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016: the cells’ incredible biological ability to ensure their survival.


It takes four weeks for skin renewal to take place – Sisleÿa La Cure has therefore been programmed to last the exact same time to restart the skin’s vital mechanisms and ensure a real upsurge in the results obtained. Each week, the four bottles of the energy-saturated treatment unlock the mechanisms that allow the skin to renew and regenerate itself by acting gradually to restore its quintessential youth potential. Sisleÿa La Cure is an exclusive concentrate formed from a combination of powerful and targeted plant extracts to act at the source and provide a complementary action on the key mechanisms of the energy cycle. The four stages of the skin rejuvenation process come in four individual bottles providing visible results each week. This is one of the most intense and highly sophisticated processes your skin can undergo at home.



La Prairie 



La Prairie’s scientists are constantly on a quest for eternal beauty. This year the Swiss skincare brand has reinvented its Platinum Rare Collection offering “Haute-Rejuvenation” for the skin. More than a science, Haute-Rejuvenation is an expression of La Prairie’s savoir-faire, offering the most elevated, high-performing formulation, sensorial experience and exquisite packaging to date. The skin’s natural rejuvenating power is based on a coordinated effort of skin cells in all skin layers. This creates an efficient network of interconnected processes of rejuvenation. Due to the interconnectivity of these processes, activation of one will trigger the others. Unfortunately with age, the skin’s natural rejuvenating capacity decreases. To counteract this, La Prairie has identified five key rejuvenating processes in the skin and acts on them. This triggers many further important rejuvenating processes. The Science of Haute-Rejuvenation reactivates the skin’s natural network of interconnected rejuvenating processes to create a unique virtuous Loop of Rejuvenation across all skin layers addressing all signs of ageing.


Two active ingredients are key to the reactivation of the rejuvenating processes: La Prairie’s patented Exclusive Cellular Complex and the new, exclusive Platinum Multi-Peptide specifically developed for Platinum Rare Collection. The new Platinum Multi-Peptide is a tight complex of three different peptides attached to spherical platinum particles and designed to trigger rejuvenating cellular activities. While the previous platinum peptide mainly activated collagen production, the new Platinum Multi-Peptide goes beyond this as it was designed to also strengthen the skin barrier, improve its moisture balance and enhance cellular longevity. La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex is considered to be the “guardian of the epidermis”. It invigorates and nourishes epidermal stem cells to enable them to resume proliferation capacity and cellular functionality similar to that of young skin.


Empowered by these two aspects, the Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation formulas help to strengthen the skin’s barrier, renew epidermal cells, protect against external stress factors, renew the cell’s environment and stimulate cell communication. The resulting new formulas infuse the re-innovated Platinum Rare Collection creations: Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Elixir, Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Eye Elixir, Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Eye Cream and Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Cream.


With the Science of Haute-Rejuvenation, the skin’s texture is refined, wrinkles are smoothed, moisture levels are augmented, skin tone appears more even, the natural glow of youth is enhanced, firmness and elasticity are increased and volume is restored – reversing all visible signs of ageing, bringing the Platinum Moment to life.






Since its launch in 2008, Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir has constantly reinvented itself. It’s its unique black appearance is inspired by Vital Black Algae Sap, an essential concentrate sourced from an alga with an exceptional power to survive and regenerate itself. Le Soin Noir 3rd Generation features a formula enriched with an alga extract sourced at the gametophyte stage, an early phase in the alga’s cellular development which is also when it releases the greatest amount of vital energy. A period of intense metabolic activity that goes hand in hand with an extraordinary concentration of antioxidant molecules.


With this new formula, Le Soin Noir offers your skin complete regeneration. Vital Black Algae Sap stimulates the renewal of the epidermis and regenerates the dermal matrix. Skin is firmer, plumper and re-densified. Meanwhile, the algae extract at the gametophyte stage helps to protect the skin from free radicals from the very first application and offers a long-lasting effect. It helps to preserve the skin’s youthfulness. Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir 3rd Generation is available in a new, unique texture: a Crème Légère that combines prodigious efficacy with miraculous sensoriality for skincare that is adapted to suit combination to oily skin, as well as hot and humid climates.