Victoria Beckham Beauty: What We Know So Far as Launch Date Nears

Hayley Kadrou   |   10-03-2019

Victoria Beckham announced earlier this year that she will be launching her own beauty range in late 2019.


Since launching her self-titled designer label in 2008, Victoria Beckham has solidified her role as a fashion icon. And the former Spice Girl has refused to slow down ever since.


In 2016, Victoria teamed up with Estee Lauder for a limited edition makeup collection, In 2017, she collaborated with American high street store Target to create an affordable range for all ages. In 2018, the fashion designer worked with streetwear label Reebok on a capsule collection channelling nineties sports aesthetics.


And for 2019? The British designer will be delving into the realm of beauty. Currently being referred to as VBBeauty, here’s what we know about the brand so far ahead of the launch.


Victoria Beckham's beauty line is set to launch online in the Autumn of 2019

Victoria Beckham’s beauty line is set to launch online in the Autumn of 2019


1. Victoria Beckham’s beauty line will include makeup, skincare, fragrance and wellness items


If Victoria is going to launch a beauty line, she is going to do it right. When announcing the news, she said: “I want to take care of women inside and out, providing them with the must-have items in makeup, skin care, fragrance, and wellness that I feel I need in my own life.”


More recently, the fashion designer shared a picture of herself ‘skin prepping’ on set using eyes masks – a tease at what’s to come?


2. Everything VBBeauty will be available online


And online only. While the head offices will be in New York – unlike her fashion label which is based in London – there will be no physical store. Proving she’s digital savvy, Victoria is aiming to create an online empire with her beauty range.


Currently, there is a beauty tab on her where the line will presumably sit.


3. There will be online tutorials on Victoria’s YouTube channel


Once again proving that she knows her stuff, Victoria previously announced she will now be sharing styling tips and makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. And we’re sure this will segway into tutorials featuring her own line of beauty goods.


4.  Sarah Creal is Co-Founder and CEO of the line


Sarah and Victoria worked together on the latter’s collaboration with Estee Lauder in 2016.  Previously, she has worked with brands such as Prada and Bobbi Brown, too.


5. It will be cruelty-free and inclusive of all skin tones


After the initial buzz of the news, Victoria took to Instagram to clear up some queries. She wrote: “For all of you asking #VBBeauty will be cruelty-free, inclusive for all skin tones, and available at an accessible luxury price-point.”


She has used the hashtags #CleanBeauty and #NotPerfect when referring to here collection online, too.



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