Olivier Rousteing Champions His Bordelaise Upbringing For FW24

Emma Hodgson   |   29-02-2024

Olivier Rousteing is one of the most iconic designers currently showcasing at Paris Fashion Week.

For his last collection, the designer was inspired by his African heritage, which he recently learnt more about following a deep dive into his family history, prior to his adoption by the Rousteings in France. 

However, he jumped forward for this collection – instead looking to his childhood growing up in the French city of Bordeaux. 

In particular, the designer was inspired by his adoptive mother, who he said before the show embodied French style, from trench coats to gingham picnic blankets. 

The collection included unique touches influenced by the local culture, such as detailing inspired by the French dish “Escargots à la Bordelaise”, with the swirl of a shell appearing as a detail in jewellery and elsewhere in a bodice. 

Overall, it was a deeply personal show that spoke to the designer’s unique talent and French culture. 

En total? C’etait super.