Schiaparelli SS24 Is Inspired By The Surrealist World Of Elsa

Emma Hodgson   |   28-09-2023

Schiaparelli’s latest collection, presented at Paris Fashion Week, is inspired by the theatrical world of the house’s founder, Elsa. 

As Creative Director Daniel Roseberry explains in the show notes, “From head to golden toes, Schiaparelli ready to wear is an exercise in making the everyday come to more vivid, more surprising life.”

Key pieces in the collection included a black skirt which featured a Surrealist, Dali-inspired graphic of a fish, elsewhere aquatic influences played big with neckwear including a gold lifesized lobster, a similarly proportioned crab and the skeleton of a fish crafted from wood. 

There were echos from the Schiaparelli Couture Show in July, in the form of oversized ruffs and sleek headwear. 

Kendall Jenner was chosen to wear the final look of the collection, a knee-length scarlet gown paired with 1960s-inspired hair. 

Discussing the theatrical elements in the show, Roseberry said “As we have to understand today, two things can be true at once. And so we have Schiaparelli ready to wear. Is it for the everyday and should it be, dare I say, “easy”? Yes. But does it also need to cause a sensation, to inspire someone to walk across a room, to be an extraordinary echo of some of our best work in the couture? Yes. Elsa did it first. We are doing it all over again.”