A Look At Max Mara’s Scandinavian Dream For Resort 24  

Lindsay Judge   |   24-11-2023

Max Mara north to Stockholm, Sweden, for its Resort 24 collection presentation. Inspired by the country’s Midsommar folk festival celebrations, it embodies the mood of the Swedish summer season in its newest collection.

Throughout the capsule, there are traditional nods to Scandinavian style while remaining true to the ethos of the brand. The brand was strongly influenced by Swedish writer and the first-ever woman to win the Nobel Prize, Selma Lagerlöf.

This was a collection in which the no-nonsense, upright, tailored silhouette of the 1900s yields modern-looking gigot sleeves, ankle-grazing skirts, elbow-length capes and smart blouses to wear with bow ties.

In contrast, there are billowing tunics, long and short, featuring black and ivory braids, pom poms, tassels and studs that echo folk motifs.

Striking modernity is achieved by taking folk blouses and recutting them in linear modern fabrics, stripping away superfluous decor.

Midsommar is the folk festival that celebrates the gift of the summer. One of the most charming traditions is the collection of seven types of wildflowers – Septem Flores.

The legend says that anyone lucky enough to find one of each should sleep with them under their pillow to dream of their future sweetheart. With this in mind, the brand played with elegant floral prints, capturing the natural beauty of the region.