Armani Privé Fall/Winter 2022-23 Haute Couture Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   06-07-2022

The Fall/Winter 2022-23 Armani Privé collection “Pétillant” celebrates realism; a key trait within Giorgio Armani’s designs. This season the designer adds sparkle and frivolity to his creations with a collection that offers an escape from reality.


As always this collection was filled with elegance. Models sashayed down a dimly lit black runway with the looks glistening in the light, the colours and sparkles popping and reflecting the beams of the spotlights.



For this collection, Giorgio Armani reflected on the mood of the roaring twenties. A time when dreams and joy led people’s way and anything was possible. He captured this with this collection which personified the strong-willed, independent and brilliant woman. The Armani woman is a leader, someone who turns her head when she walks into a room and this Haute Couture collection will allow just that to happen.



Polish Art Deco artist Tamara de Lempicka was a muse for this collection, with echoes of her rebellious elegance felt in the succession of silhouettes first minimal and linear, then voluminous and evanescent, and in the individual way they are worn.



Sophisticated, elongated jackets are adorned with embroidery; trousers embrace curvilinear shapes to then tighten at the ankle; long strapless dresses are gleaming and almost weightless.



A colour palette of whites, blacks and blues with just a hint of intense blues and pinks offers a harmonious balance between all of the looks.


There are references to the Eastern World, an area that has long been a source of inspiration and fascination to Mr Armani.



This collection once again highlights the elegance and poise that are present in all of Mr Armani’s designs. A design aesthetic that is so clear and recognisable that it is already writing its own legacy.