Balenciaga’s Winter 22 Campaign is Making an Impact

Lindsay Judge   |   01-09-2022

Balenciaga has revealed its Winter 22 campaign featuring Kim Kardashian as well as other friends of the House; Alexa Demie, Big Matthew, Khadim Sock, and Kim Yeon-koung.


The impactful campaign features reality star Kim dressed in a blue dress from the brand’s Winter 22 collection standing under a bolt of lightning as she appears to walk on water.



The campaign expands on the theme’s from the show which took place earlier this year, featuring a snowstorm inside a circular dome and representing a time in the future when the weather is mostly stimulated and features extreme conditions.



Key ready-to-wear pieces featured in the campaign include the hybrid bodysuit dress, trompe l’oeil slip dress, towel top, XXXL hoodie, faux-feather boa, pullover jacket and simulated fur coat. The pieces are placed in contradictory environments: layered pieces in the hot sun, minimal clothing in the frigid cold, etc.



The images are created by Berlin-based photographer Daniel Roché who is renowned for his expressive and emotive work. Videos are also created by Barcelona-based director Mau Morgo. The videos feature environments that quickly change via time-lapses photography from one season to another, while looks stay constant.



The campaign is being rolled out global across stores and digital platforms.