Brunello Cucinelli Pledges For The Future At COP 28 In Dubai

Emma Hodgson   |   01-12-2023

At the COP28 global climate conference in Dubai, the Solomeo-based fashion house Brunello Cucinelli reaffirmed its active commitment to a very important Project launched in some Himalayan areas in 2022 as the result of an agreement with the SMI Fashion Task Force founded by King Charles III of England.

It was an opportunity to update on the progress of this project inspired by Human Sustainability, a core value of the Solomeo-based company founded by the cashmere entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli to foster the dignity of every living being, respect for Creation and a culture of balance between profit and giving back.

Federico Marchetti commented: “It is a source of great pride for the Fashion Task Force of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, which I have the honour to chair, to share the extraordinary progress achieved with this project exactly one year after its first presentation at COP27. These significant and tangible results confirm that we are on the right track and spur us on to continue investing courageously for a new sustainable future, regenerating the natural resources of our planet and preserving the precious craftsmanship of local economies. I am very grateful to Brunello Cucinelli, who strongly believes in the project and in our Task Force as a tool to make this change possible together.”