Brunello Cucinelli Reveals an Exclusive Abaya Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   12-04-2023

Brunello Cucinelli has unveiled an exclusive Abaya Capsule Collection for Ramadan, fusing  Italian craftsmanship and Arab culture. The collection is not just about couture but also about celebrating the rich traditions of two historic cultures coming together in a stunning display of elegance and luxury.


Crafted with the highest-quality materials and artisanal workmanship, the Spring-Summer 2023 Abaya capsule features five unique styles, each with a matching Shayla. Two tailored designs are available: a traditional design with dropped shoulders and invisible buttons and one that features traditional lines paired with blazer-style shoulders and shawl lapels – a signature style of the house.



The collection features four carefully selected fabrics: classic silk crêpe, precious laminated silk, summer-weight wool embroidered with sequin threads to recreate traditional regimental patterns, and a shiny silk with tone-on-tone sequins embroidered throughout. The latter creates a stunning, sparkling effect over the entire surface of the Abaya – truly a sight to behold.



In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, Brunello Cucinelli’s Abaya Capsule Collection offers a unique opportunity to experience the unification of two cultures through the lens of luxury fashion. This collection is a testament to the exquisite and refined style that is distinctive to Brunello Cucinelli, and a celebration of the beauty that can be achieved through the confluence of diverse cultures.