Brunello Cucinelli Unveils Its Latest Eyewear Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   27-03-2024

Brunello Cuccinelli, the Italian house renowned for its Quiet Luxury aesthetics, has revealed its latest eyewear collection in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica.

The two companies’ creative teams achieved significant work together throughout 2023, resulting in the release of the first prestigious “Brunello Cucinelli” eyewear collection on sale worldwide in the Solomeo-based brand’s main boutiques and leading multi-brand stores dedicated to eyewear.

Discussing the new collection, the founder and creative director of the house, Brunello Cucinelli explained how the collaboration came to fruition:  “Leonardo Del Vecchio confessed to me one day: ‘Dear Brunello, I don’t know whether the glasses we make are beautiful, but they’re certainly made in the best way in the world!’ Today, admiring the excellent result of such formidable work and harmony, I think back to the words of that gracious, strong-willed, steadfast and kind man, who saw in his Agordo company what he liked to call “the beautiful factory”, a little like I do with Solomeo.

“Leonardo was able to dream and transmit his enthusiasm to those who worked with him, first and foremost to the highly esteemed Francesco Milleri, who with his special and brilliant humanity knows how to establish a relationship of respect and cordiality between our two teams, a measured approach that is the foundation of every humanistic endeavour. The phenomenal product resulting from this heartfelt collaboration represents an outstanding piece of luxury craftsmanship, as well as the Made in Italy that is recognized and embraced worldwide. Plato said: ‘Beauty is the splendour of truth’. This is why I wholeheartedly hope that our glasses, which are so true and beautiful, will please customers and achieve all the success they deserve,” he continued. 

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