Santoni Presents a New Sustainable Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   30-08-2020

Santoni’s latest step into sustainability reflects the importance of improving culture and provides a message of care for the environment.


Santoni has been concerned with the topic of sustainability for over a decade, committing to the use of low-impact materials, renewable energies and waste reduction.

The Santoni Rethink collection offers a sustainable alternative that is not just a statement but a concrete and daily purpose. The collection is made entirely made of nylon obtained from plastic recovered from sea waste, eco-leather, recycled rubber, water-based glue.


The three pieces in this collection for men are made from zero-impact materials that are kinder to the environment and long-lasting and sustainable.

The eco-friendly multi-pocket backpack is made of recycled nylon and leather in tones of blue. The bag features a closure with braided lace and a back and shoulder strap padded with breathable perforated fabric.

The eco-friendly sneaker is made entirely of zero-impact materials including recycled nylon and zero-impact leather. The sole is produced in an ultra-light technical material for maximum comfort.

The final two pieces in the collection, the eco-friendly high top and low top sneakers are made from recycled nylon and leather with a recycled rubber sole.