Men’s Paris Fashion Week: Balmain

Diana Bell-Heather   |   25-06-2018



Olivier Rousteing paid tribute to his childhood icon Michael Jackson during the Balmain SS19 collection in Paris.


The designer once again showcase his bold take on French iconic styles, while using Balmain’s singular mastery of Parisian couture embellishment techniques and precision tailoring. In a statement on social media, Rousteing said:


“For me Michael Jackson’s music has always offered an uplifting celebratory message of hope and the possibility of needed changes. During the same period that much of the fashion world focused on a vision of exclusivity for those who didn’t look like me, Jackson put forth a powerful and compelling alternative message of inclusion, based on breaking rules and pushing boundaries, as well as a healthy dose of anger at injustices.”




You easily spot references to Michael Jackson’s iconic wardrobe, especially all the white socks and black loafers, but with a very French spirit. Mixing both men’s and women’s pieces, note the over-knee disco ball boots styled with a sequin hooded jumper and men’s patent leather skin tight trousers worn with a matching biker jacket.


Among the street and the edgy were some elegant moments translated into Balmain’s classic double breasted jacket in an elongated style, and a more military shape for the boys in bright white hue with a black trim. The references to the musical star and 80’s America were blended with preppy stripes and unwashed indigo-jeans.




Rousteing doesn’t want to limit his collection to just one type of man, he wants to have a diverse offering. Does he succeed? In the latest range that presents everything from timeless jackets to wild bling, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there will be a handful of fans who want to add a touch of dazzle to their wardrobe.


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