Boucheron Reopens Its New-Look Flagship Kuwait Boutique

Emma Hodgson   |   04-01-2024

Boucheron has reopened its flagship boutique in the heart of Kuwait following an exquisite redesign. 

Located within The Prestige area of The Avenues Mall, the boutique has been instrumental in shaping the Maison’s unwavering reputation both in Kuwait and across the wider region.

Discussing the new launch, the notes which accompanied the news of the boutique’s reopening said: “Capturing the warmth and sophistication of a luxurious home, the newly unveiled boutique reflects Boucheron’s dedication to offering an intimate and welcoming environment for guests to explore its exquisite jewellery creations. Designed in line with the Maison’s distinctive global retail identity, the space pays homage to the traditional charm of the iconic Place Vendôme boutique in Paris.”

“Clients are offered an ever more personalized experience thanks to an exclusive VIP Salon that evokes the richness in atmosphere of Boucheron’s private apartment at its famous home on Place Vendôme. The Salon provides a warm and inviting space for visitors to immerse themselves in the Maison’s history, culture, and free spirit, whilst enjoying exceptional service.”

The maison has two boutiques in Kuwait – one in The Avenues Mall and the other in 360 Mall, and a total of 12 stores across the Middle East region.