Tiffany&Co. Unite With Nancy Ajram For A Special Ramadan Film

Emma Hodgson   |   28-03-2024

Tiffany & Co. have revealed a fabulous new short film, celebrating Ramadan. 

According to the house, the masterful piece is “a tribute to the love that unites families” during the Holy Month.

The new film features the iconic House Ambassador Nancy Ajram wearing the Tiffany Bird on a Rock jewellery design. 

The video, titled “With Love, We Fly” celebrates the power of love to empower, encourage and support, highlighting the precious moments of togetherness during Ramadan.

The timeless Bird on a Rock design, first created by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co. in 1965, becomes a metaphor for the stability that family provides and a symbol of optimism and joy.

“Bird on a Rock is more than a magnificent piece of jewellery for me, it serves as a connection to love,” shares Nancy Ajram.

“Perched on its beautiful rock, the bird is a powerful symbol of freedom and stability. My loved ones, especially my family, are my rock. They at once ground me and give me wings, so that I am free to put my heart into everything I do,” the star continues. 

This connection is brought to life through a dynamic display of ever-changing perspectives to convey the feeling of spreading one’s wings. The captivating images of Nancy are overlayed with lush calligraphic brushstrokes in Tiffany Blue® ink by multidisciplinary artist Carla Salem, conveying the message “With Love, We Fly.”

Between the gentle sounds of a bird’s wings and the delicate tones of the Qanun writing, Nancy’s voice becomes an invitation to embrace the transformative power of love. 

The star says “We are meant to fly… Like a Bird on a Rock/ We always come back to love/ And we fly/Higher.”

Bird on a Rock is one of the House’s most emblematic creations. Originally a brooch created by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co. in 1965, the diamond-encrusted bird is a symbol of joy, optimism and wonder. Reinterpreted over the years to include the world’s most exceptional coloured gemstones, most notably the Tiffany Diamond in 1995, Bird on a Rock is one of the 21st century’s most iconic jewellery designs.

In the film, Nancy wears a Bird on a Rock pendant in platinum and 18k gold with a 20.2-carat cushion-cut diamond. The pendant is matched with the Bird on a Rock ring with a fancy intense yellow diamond and white diamond, each over 4 carats.