Tod’s Joins The World Of Blockchain With Its Iconic Di Bag

Emma Hodgson   |   24-11-2023

Famous Italian luxury house Tod’s has announced a new era for its iconic Di bag. 

Starting this November, every custom Di Bag will be digitally linked to a unique Digital Product Passport through blockchain to an immutable traceability token.

Aura Blockchain Consortium’s unique collaborative concept – “from luxury brands for luxury brands” – provides Tod’s with ready-to-use, cutting-edge blockchain DPP (Digital Product Passport) technology, ushering in a new era of digital luxury and enhanced experiences for Tod’s customers. 

Discussing the impressive new launch, ​​Carlo Alberto Beretta, Tod’s General Brand Manager said “We are excited to be part of this transformative journey with Aura Blockchain Consortium.’’

Access to Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology also enables Tod’s to explore new strategic dimensions of digital brand development, such as creating its own DPP, which is a critical element among many use cases in the industry.

This DPP assures the authenticity of the bags, including ownership certificates which provide essential insights into the production and craftsmanship behind the product, the origin and sustainability certifications of raw materials and packaging.

Romain Carrere, CEO of Aura Blockchain Consortium, added: “We take great pleasure in welcoming Tod’s into our Consortium and collaborating on their inaugural project featuring these coveted bags cherished by luxury collectors worldwide.”