MCM celebrates Dubai grand opening

  |   09-06-2016

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The German luxury brand MCM recently celebrated the re-opening of its first store in Dubai Mall. Operated by franchise partner Al Fahim Avenue, following the first successful years after the first opening in 2011, it further highlights MCM’s Middle East expansion.

Located at Fashion Avenue in the luxury section of the mall, the store covers a 120sqm sales floor next to other prestigious brands. The concept features an extraordinary architectural dynamic using authentic and deluxe interior fabrication resulting in a warm and welcoming atmosphere inviting customers to stay.

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Managing Director Sebastian Klever said: “Together with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, MCM in Dubai is an important flagship for the company in the Middle East. MCM‘s progressive and creative approach in new school luxury has already won the brand many friends in the region. We will continue our development with openings in Kuwait and UAE in the near future. Our growth strategy reflects the importance of the Middle East for MCM.”

Continuing MCM’s year of 40th anniversary celebrations, the luxury house has created a collection of elegant designs inspired by the iconic creativity of its birthplace for autumn/winter 2016. Looking to Munich and its opulent artistic heritage, this season’s “Munich Epoque” explores the crossover between sumptuous glamour and clean minimalism through baroque-inspired patterns juxtaposed against clean yet vibrant colourways. Baroque modernity defines this new collection, and, in doing so, celebrates four decades of creativity, imagination and innovation.