Fatma Alhashimi Founder and Designer of HASHIMI on Her latest Ramadan Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   21-04-2021

Fatma Alhashimi established her brand HASHIMI in 2016. Her designs focus on timeless, elegant designs that have a modern touch and bring together the styles of the East and the West.


AlHashimi looks to create clean, simple silhouettes but add a modern twist with minimalist details. Founder and Designer Fatma Alhashimi was born in Dubai and started her entrepreneurial journey creating clothes at home. This passion soon turned into a business venture as she gained a glowing client base of women in the region. After realising the potential, AlHashimi decided to take her small business to the next level with the development of HASHIMI. In 2019, she opened her first boutique in Dubai, located at the popular Wasl51 complex. The store also houses the atelier where the designer creates her latest styles and the production team brings them to life. This in-house approach allows HASHIMI’s pieces to be created from start to finish in the UAE.


This Ramadan, HASHIMI presents a capsule collection for Ramadan. Inspired by nature the collection exudes an effortless sensibility. Combining classic silhouettes with a bohemian spirit AlHashimi recreates the lines of nature through handcrafted embroidery and signature detailing. The neutral colour palette highlights understated sophistication in beige, blush, blue, green and grey. Lightweight fabrics create fluid movement in soft cotton, airflow silk and organza while a recycled crisp fabric and Broderie Anglaise adds structure.



Tell us a little about the new vision for your brand.

My vision remains the same as when I started. To create timeless, wearable styles for the modern woman. I’ve now set my sights on the international market so I am taking steps to reach this.


Who is the woman you design for?

The HASHIMI woman is confident with a carefree spirit. She is not afraid to be who she truly is and loves to express herself through her fashion choices.



What can you tell us about your Ramadan 2021 collection?

My Ramadan 2021 collection has a natural and effortless sensibility mixed with some bohemian elements. I was inspired by lines and patterns found in nature which I’ve incorporated into handcrafted embroidery and details. The silhouettes are relaxed and flowy, making them wearable for the summer months.


Your collections bring together both Western and Middle Eastern styles – how do you aim to bring together these two worlds with your designs?

I like to reference my heritage through silhouettes while combining international influences into the details. My Abayas and kaftans are versatile so they can be worn in this region or if you are travelling they could be worn to the beach. I sell my abayas separately (rather than as a set with a matching inner dress) so that women can style them over jeans and a top or with a midi dress.



This past year has been very difficult for all – what is a lesson you have learnt and have you changed anything about your company moving forward?

I have learnt to slow down and trust the process. We are all on our own journey so embrace where you are at and always continue to grow.


What is the biggest challenge you face today with your company?

The biggest challenge I’m facing today is the effects of COVID-19. It’s made people re-evaluate how they spend their money because they know they may not have a job next month. Gatherings are still restricted so that means women need fewer outfits for occasions, so all of these factors are affecting my business.



Tell us a little about your Dubai boutique – what can we expect when we visit? 

My boutique is located in Wasl51 and has a modern, minimalist vibe. Natural daylight lights the space so it feels very welcoming and open. There’s even a comfortable seating area so your husband can wait while you shop! Wasl51 also has a lot of cool cafes so why not make a day out of it?


What is a message you would give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Just go for it! If you wait for the right time you’ll never start, so if you have a strong vision and want to pursue it, do it!



We are soon approaching the month of Ramadan – what does this month mean to you and how will you spend it? 

To me, Ramadan is about family. It’s a time for us to reconnect and spend quality time together. This year due to COVID-19 we will be keeping it low key and spending time at home with our immediate family.


How do you think your heritage inspires you in what you do?

My heritage gives me a sense of pride which I like to portray through my designs. I want to show my clients that you can still reference your roots with a modern touch.



Can you share some tips on dressing during Ramadan as well as dressing for Eid celebrations? 

During the day I like to be comfortable so a lightweight kaftan is usually best. In the evenings I will dress up a bit more by adding heels and statement jewellery. For Eid, we usually dress up but due to COVID-19 I’ll be keeping it a bit more relaxed this year.


What is your first memory of fashion?

My first memory is from our trips to London back in the nineties. The streets of London are so inspiring when it comes to fashion especially iconic destination such as Carnaby Street and Oxford Street. We used to experiment with our style when we were in London because back there was no fashion scene in Dubai. My mum was also incredibly fashionable so she was a big inspiration to me.


What is your biggest achievement so far and what would you still like to achieve?

Firstly my kids, and secondly everything my brand has achieved so far. I would like to expand internationally, so that’s the next goal to achieve.



Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration is the everyday woman. Whether she is a housewife, an entrepreneur or a student. I’m inspired by creating pieces that can suit all types of women around the world.


As a designer in the Arab world, what would you say is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is standing out from the competition and finding new ways to differentiate myself.


What is the professional motto you live by?

To always be driven to create and to always do it with love and not by force.


How would you describe your brand in one word?