Get Into the Party Mood With Valentino

Lindsay Judge   |   15-11-2021

Maison Valentino presents The Party Collection; a celebration of joy and the chance for people to get together and interact once again.


The collection features party essential dresses and accessories that will have you sparkling until the new year.



The characters that populate The Party Collection are dedicated to the most classic party activities. Wrapping gifts, decorating the house, wearing a beautiful dress, taking pictures together: simple gestures that we had almost forgotten and that the pandemic has taught us to value again. Gestures we want to treasure and that reconnect us to others.



Designed by Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli the collection features, playful, feminine pieces that offer a cheerful yet stylish way of dressing. Feathers are combined with lurex, tweed is trimmed with silver ribbons and the dresses are embellished with fruit-shaped embroidery and sequins.


A colour palette of pink, rich green, silver and black has a festive spirit that is perfect for the upcoming months.




Each look refers to a different personality to play with, like those tried out in the endless hours of quarantine, a little as a joke, a little out of boredom, and which many of us have shared on our social media accounts.



Fashion is now regaining its most genuine dimension, that of the pleasure of dressing well, for oneself and for others. An exercise in lightness which – in going from the virtual to the real – is first and foremost a celebration of being together.


The Party Collection marks the renewal of the collaboration between Maison Valentino and We’re Not Really Strangers, a card game and movement founded by Koreen. For this occasion, greeting cards specially designed for Valentino pose some intriguing statements as New Year’s resolutions.

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