Designer Focus: Salim Azzam

Dana Mortada   |   27-02-2018


Khan El Joukh


An origin from Bater- a tiny village in Lebanon, Salim Azzam is a Lebanese storyteller and Illustrator. After pursuing a Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design in Canada, throughout his graduate studies Salim came to a realisation that design for social change is more meaningful and that collaboration between designers and communities can serve as a source of positive energy and outcomes that can impact our lives.


Azzam moved back to Lebanon in 2014, and for this very reason, the young designer started using his design and illustration expertise to document spoken traditional stories and local customs across different villages in Lebanon.



Salim launched his eponymous brand with his very own stand-alone boutique/embroidery hub in the heart of Beirut city, where all of his stories come to life through handcrafted designs. Salim Azzam mission is to offer a group of empowered women from various underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to share their cultural heritage and hand-craftsmanship skills.



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