Level Shoes Announce New Collaboration With Local Design Hub KAMEH

Emma Hodgson   |   17-09-2023

Bursting onto the local creative scene in 2022, KAMEH is a design studio that seeks to combine craftsmanship and complexity into original pieces where function and art are synonymous. 

For their most recent project, Level Shoes commissioned KAMEH for a collectable that blurs the lines between object and art.

KAMEH’s work touches on themes of nature and the human self. Realised through local craftsmanship, the house’s oeuvre of complex interior pieces straddles the line between decorative art and functional design.

As part of the campaign with Level Shoes, KAMEH challenges the outlook of the perfect white box, creating a limited-edition collectable object that shoe lovers can use to store their most prized possessions. The box is technically crafted using multiple layers of materials representing the human self. The metal construction of the frame are bones and the physical body; the softness of foam that fills the inside core of the piece represents human emotions; and the hard cement covering the structure is the protective instinct guard we create to shield from the harshness of the world.

Envisioned for sneaker enthusiasts, the collectable is now available for purchase online.