Meet Baravia Fashion Founder and Designer Gulnora Muhedinova

Lindsay Judge   |   01 - 08 - 2020

Gulnora Muhedinova Founder and Designer of UAE-based brand Baravia Fashion recently presented her latest collection at Arab Fashion Week.


The designer is a busy woman, running her fashion business as well as Baravia Beauty Center in the UAE. Baravia Fashion offers both ready-to-wear and made-to-order unique wedding, evening and casual dresses for special occasions.


Here we find out more about her latest collection and the experience of presenting at the recent Arab Fashion Week.


How was your experience of presenting at Arab Fashion Week this year?

This year is a bit different because we’ve done it virtually due to the pandemic but still, as always, being a part of Arab Fashion Week was a great and overwhelming feeling as it allows us to reach our target market even if they are at home and we are still able to showcase our new collections.



How do you think this platform is positively impacting the industry in the region?

Surely it has a positive impact on the industry because it’s a great platform to showcase the newest fashion collections of designers, as well as helping those who are new in the field of fashion to be known and reach their target market.


How have you been managing to continue your brand during the lockdown period?

It is a little bit hard because of the situation but still manageable for the moment. I took this opportunity to make new collection.


What’s a motto that you have been living by during this time?

I always believe in the saying “If you can dream it, you can do it”.



Why did you decide to start your business in the UAE?

I decided I wanted to make a name for myself across the Arab World as far back as 2005, but I only launched my Beauty Center in 2015. After that, things moved faster and I launched Baravia Fashion in 2018.


How would you sum up the industry here?

Competition in the fashion industry is tough, but the market is immense so you just need to be competitive.



You are a very busy woman – how do you manage your time?

You just have to love your work, set your priorities and find a balance in everything that you do.


Can you tell us a little about how your creative process works?

Any work of art takes effort and hard work. First, I have to conceptualize, prepare and then put it to work and implement.

What would you like to see happen in the future of the design industry in the region?

I would like to see a little influence of Western fashion here in the Arab region.



What can you tell us about the collection presented at Arab Fashion Week?

“Space Star” is the name of the new collection I presented at Arab Fashion Week. It takes Baravia Fashion to a whole new level and makes our imagination limitless.



What makes your designs unique?

My personal touch. I am bold and like to stand out in a crowd and wear striking clothes that make a statement. I want glamour and elegance in my pieces.



Who or what is your inspiration?

My main inspiration is my family of course. My second drive is my passion for design and creating an elegant and glamorous outfit.


Who is a designer that you look up to?

Coco Chanel


What’s your first memory of fashion?

When I got married, I wanted to wear the best wedding dress and I gave extra time searching for the best dress for that very special occasion. I think that’s when I became aware and get involved in the fashion world.


Who is a woman you would love to see wearing your designs?

Jennifer Lopez.



Where would you like your brand to be in five years time?

I want to see Baravia Fashion expand globally and land in Hollywood and see my collection being worn at the Oscars and Cannes Film Festival.


Baravia Fashion in one word?