Meet Fatma Alhashimi, Founder and Designer of HASHIMI

Lindsay Judge   |   07-12-2022

Emirati designer Fatma Alhashimi founded her fashion brand HASHIMI in 2016. Her designs have a fresh, modern appeal but remain timeless, with traditional elements and references.


Her collections feature clean silhouettes and effortless styles that can be worn by women of all tastes, in many different ways. Alhashimi started her fashion journey by creating designs at home during her spare time. As word spread of her creations, she began to build up quite the client base, creating custom-made pieces for many women in the Emirates. As her reach grew, Alhashimi realised she could launch a fully-fledged fashion brand and that’s what she did. After launching in 2016, she opened her first flagship boutique in 2019 in Dubai. The store at Wasl51 is a modern, minimalist space stocking the brand’s seasonal collections. The store also houses the atelier where Fatma designs the latest styles and where her production team brings them to life.


For the upcoming UAE National Day Alhashimi has created an exclusive children’s version of one of her best-selling pieces, highlighting the importance of family and the next generations. Here we discuss this exclusive piece, as well as the designer’s autumn/winter 2022 collection.


Can you tell us about your Autumn/Winter 2022 collection?

The Autumn/Winter 2022 collection is a window into how cultures seamlessly blend to inspire the creation of artistic silhouettes. This season, the collection fuses Emirati designs with modern Scandi elements to bring a wardrobe of pieces suitable for the modern woman of today.



We know you are also working on an exclusive piece for kids inspired by the UAE – tell us about that.

We re-created our best selling dress for kids: an open collar dress with braided details, but with a National Day twist. We added the UAE flag colours to the braid to embrace this special day.


Would you like to expand further into kid’s wear?

I usually like to design kidswear for UAE National Day as they are the future of our country! However, I haven’t decided whether this is something I am looking to venture into on a more permanent basis yet.



In this issue we are celebrating UAE National Day – what does this day mean to you?

It is a special day to celebrate all the successes, opportunities and consistent growth the country has showcased.


What is a message you would send to your country on this occasion?

I’m grateful for the opportunity that my country has given me as an Emirati business owner. I hope for my country to continue to prosper and be a nation filled with opportunity.


What is your favourite memory of the UAE growing up? 

My childhood was filled with memories of the UAE but some in particular that really stand out are going on trips to Hatta and Fujairah where we would have a BBQ in the middle of the desert with family.



What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

I have always loved playing around with different designs and fabrics which inspired me to start my entrepreneurial journey by creating designs at home.


What is the biggest challenge you face in what you do?

One of the challenges I face is ensuring I manage my time between my family and work.


Where do you see your brand in five years?

I would love to see my brand stocked at different international retailers; bringing the HASHIMI flair to the rest of the world.



How would you assess the fashion industry in the UAE today?

The fashion industry in UAE is young, trendy and bold. It is very inspiring to see how the industry is growing by exploring new ideas and designs while honouring our rich culture.


What more would you like to see done for emerging designs from the region? 

We are very fortunate that our country supports and encourages emerging designers and talent. I hope to see this grow, providing a safe platform for designers to follow their dreams.


Which designers or brands inspire you?

I believe HASHIMI has a unique, signature style that sets it apart from other brands.


What is the professional motto that you live by? 

To always be driven in creating designs and to do with love and not by force.


What else is in the pipeline for you in the coming year? 

I am currently working on launching the HASHIMI website which will be live soon!