Meet The Ladies Behind One of the UAE’s Oldest Fashion Labels

Lindsay Judge   |   05-04-2022

Emirati fashion label Frou Frou is combining tradition and modernity to create unique designs for a young generation of women. 


Originally established in 2001, Frou Frou is one of the longest standing Emirati fashion brands today. Initially founded by three sisters it began life as the first silk scarf store in Dubai. Dues to the growing demand, the three sisters behind Frou Frou began to introduce silk and taffeta abayas, which became hugely popular with the local community. In 2018, almost 20 years later the founders of Frou Frou decided to pass the family business onto their daughters who have taken the brand to the next level, combining traditional designs with a modern aesthetic to appeal to the next generation. Drawing inspiration from nature and architecture Frou Frou’s designs combine classic silhouettes with a feminine yet modern touch. The label focuses on modest styles with intricate embroidery, evoking a vision of feminine elegance. Here we find out more about the brand with the ladies behind the vision.



Tell us about your latest collection – the inspiration, styles, colour palette etc.? 

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection is inspired by a walk in a secret garden and symbolises the mood, colours and patterns that are deeply embedded in this garden. The layers of fauna and flora paved the path to an array of delicate designs, unique floral elements and graceful colours to match the season. The collection features traditional silhouettes that are reimagined from a contemporary angle of long dresses, pleated skirts and sheer coats that are timeless yet elegant.



As a brand how do you put your own twist on classic styles to make them relevant for today’s women?

This is what lies in the heart of Frou Frou. We love working with traditional silhouettes and reimagining them from a contemporary, modern angle. Frou Frou’s signature aesthetic of adding delicate elements such as subtle embellishment, pleated designs and creative belts tie each piece together; making it ideal for the woman of today.



How can this collection be worn over the month of Ramadan?

Each Frou Frou piece can be styled according to each person’s preferences. This season features long dresses with embroidered sleeves which are an ideal style for the warm Ramadan days. A personal favourite is the black sheer abaya with crystal embroidery which I believe is the perfect piece to tie up an Iftar look when styled with kitten heels and jewellery to match. These styles are available at selected retailers across Dubai for everyone to get their Ramadan looks ready.



Are there any particular pieces or styles that you love? 

One of my favourite pieces in this collection is a white A-line dress with detachable puff sleeves. This look is further magnified with net details on the sleeves giving it a feminine yet edgy aesthetic.



You are a well-established brand in the region now – how have you seen the landscape of the industry change over the last two decades?

The fashion industry in the region has seen consistent growth with new designers making their mark. I have seen and been a part of this change that shows how Arab designers are extremely talented and have so much to offer to the world.



What would you still like to see in terms of Arab designers being recognised on a global scale? 

I would love to see more Arab designers showcasing their designs at fashion weeks around the world and adorned by celebrities; this would show how the designs from this region can be worn by women all across the world.


You are very much a family business, tell us a little about how you balance the work duties between you?

Working with family has its perks as we can bring our strengths to the table. We focus on these and work hard in order to build a successful brand.



How have you as the next generation of the family continued the heritage of the brand but continued to make it relevant for today?

As the brand flowed across generations, we are able to bring new ideas to each collection as we understand what our clients are looking for and what is trending. Translating these elements without losing the essence of Frou Frou is how we continue the heritage while making it relevant for the women of today.



How do you separate work and family life and what is the secret to working with family?

Time management is something that has truly helped us to separate work and family life. We make sure to follow our system of focusing on the brand during work hours and not letting it get in the way of our family time.



The past couple of years have been challenging ones, is there anything you have changed about the business since the beginning of the pandemic? 

Challenges are inevitable and COVID was one of the biggest challenges we have faced. We had just expanded our atelier and employed more staff a couple of weeks before COVID hit and this was the main challenge. We had to reconsider several things in the business including the wellbeing of our staff, costs and most importantly how to retain our customers’ satisfaction.



As a family how do you spend your time during Ramadan and the Eid holiday?

Ramadan and Eid are all about gathering with our loved ones. During the day we spend time reflecting spiritually. However, after sunset and Iftar we glam up in our Frou Frou outfits and get ready to meet and gather with our family and friends. Eid is a time for celebration that we spend together with our loved ones and we dress up in our favourite FrouFrou pieces. Each one of us likes to style her outfit in a unique way and we are always eager to see the outcome of each other’s looks.



Who or what inspires your designs? 

We are deeply inspired by nature which is translated into our designs. This element of nature is evident through delicate floral details. We also find inspiration in unique and beautiful architecture and this is something that we like to reflect in our designs. 



Are there any brands or designers you look up to?

We adore Dior and Chanel’s designs. Their silhouettes, the way the garments are made and their attention to detail is perfect. We also love Loewe for its more casual and young aesthetic.



What can we expect to see from Frou Frou for the rest of the year? 

We like to elevate the brand each season. We are working with special fabrics that have been sourced from France to create statement pieces that will help our clients to stand out. Staying true to the Frou Frou aesthetic of classic, timeless and feminine designs with graceful details is something that we like to focus on.