Moschino Launches the Flintstones Capsule Collection

Fiona Lee   |   15-06-2022

YABBA-DABA-DOO Moschino’s latest character capsule collection is here!


Moschino is well-known for its quirky clothing, unique character designs and interesting collaborations, and this next capsule is sure to join the collectives. Creative Director Jeremy Scott enjoys whisking the brand off to different worlds and eras through the collections, and it seems that we have now landed in the Stone Age.


This latest collection meets with famous 1960s cartoon characters, The Flintstones. The characters take centre stage of course, as they are printed on clothing, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to trousers and dresses. The Moschino logo is also recreated in Flintstone’s iconic rocky font in a fun collaboration.



The collection also cleverly draws on inspiration from the clothing and patterns worn by the favourite cartoon characters too. The bone that one of the characters ‘Pebbles’ wears in her hair is transformed into the handle of an iconic Moschino bag and is updated with striking patterns and fluorescent colours. Signature Flintstone patterns can also be seen on shoes, skirts and handbags.


This is another fun addition to the Moschino range and has again, like many others in the funky capsule collections, been designed so expertly.



If you would like to bag yourself items from this stone-age collection, it’s brought into the modern world at the Moschino boutique in The Dubai Mall from June 2022.