Nemozena is the UAE’s Newest Fashion Brand That Has Found Its Home in Italy – We Discover More

Lindsay Judge   |   20-08-2019

Breakout luxury fashion brand Nemozena is bringing a new concept to the market. Born in the UAE but with production and design now based in Italy, this new and unique fashion brand is combining the influences of the East and West to create something that is what the modern woman is looking for.



Nemozena’s clothing is created to withstand the test of time while looking great is, of course, important, the core objective of the pieces is to last for many years. This is achieved through the use of innovative, versatile materials, flawless construction and attention to detail.


With a focus on essentials, Nemozena provides the key pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe, seemingly becoming the building blocks that hold together the core of her wardrobe for years to come. While trends come and go, Nemozena’s pieces are designed to stay in fashion whatever the fashion and therefore are timeless.


One of the unique characteristics of the pieces is their versatility. This is achieved in many ways be in pieces that can be worn in more than one way, removable straps, flaps and layers, as well as the ultimate in versatility the reversible design. This quite simply means that many of the pieces can be turned inside out to create a completely different look – giving you two looks in one!


Head of Womenswear Ioanna Solea


At the heart of the brand’s innovative ideas and creations is Head of womenswear, designer Ioanna Solea. Based in Milan, Solea is proud to present pieces that are timeless in their design made modern in their innovation. Here she discusses the idea behind the brand and how it will take versatility to the next level.


Nemozena has a very unique concept – what inspired it?


Nemozena is a unique luxury fashion brand based on feminine, timeless designs, that give women the freedom to build a very inter-personal wardrobe. Through both reversible and modular items, as well as mix and match suiting, separates, outerwear and dresses, the Nemozena woman can create her own individual, ultra-wearable style.


Nemozena is for today’s woman and will speak to her intellect and taste while connecting to her inner spirit. The clothes are very much grounded in reality and are the smart option for an everyday busy life, reflecting the world today, with diversity in age, size, colour and beliefs. Nemozena clothes are for everybody and every “body”.



How do you think the brand is influenced by both Europe and The Middle East?


Born with the belief that fashion should support and interpret the current consciousness of today’s woman, Nemozena is an inherently modern brand where women are absolutely at the forefront and celebrated with every collection. Nemozena is inspired by an Italian heritage of exceptional design and style and has its roots in excellent craftsmanship. The ‘Made in Italy’ stamp is at the very heart of every collection.


Nemozena is also inspired by strong confident women, who are leaders and role models for luxury sustainable fashion and buying responsibly, which is also a theme that is especially prevalent in the Middle East and a core concept of the brand. Nemozena as a brand, celebrates women in all of their accomplishments, whether in the home or as entrepreneurs and pioneers when it comes to business.


There are many similarities between Italy and the Middle East when it comes to celebrating women’s achievements and supporting their future. We always try to ensure influences from the women of this region are reflected in the designs we create.


You talk a lot about timelessness with your pieces – what would you say makes them timeless exactly?


Nemozena clothing withstands the test of time as we design our pieces to feel great and last for many years, both in the construction of the garment and also in the quality of the fabrics, all of which are noble and made in Italy. Characterized by flawless construction, attention to detail and an effortless inner feminine core, each of Nemozena’s collections have a silent twist within every piece, with the idea that these clothes become the building blocks of your wider wardrobe.


A day dress becomes a cocktail piece, a trench becomes a bolero… inside out, back to front, and removable or inter-lockable design means that key items work perfectly together and also fit seamlessly with what you already own to make your everyday life not only easier but infinitely more contemporary.



Why do you think women are excited for the reversible concept?


Our reversible garments are the ultimate travel companion. Lightweight and easy to pack, these are holiday essentials whatever the season, so are incredibly versatile and a perfect timeless compliment to a woman’s wardrobe. With life being so hectic at times, who wants to stick with the same dress all day? It just takes reversing a piece to have a completely different colour, different style and altogether a different look!


There are many key items also in the new winter collection that take the word reversible to a whole new level. Reversible at Nemozena doesn’t only relate to turning an item of clothing inside out, which would be far too basic. Take a classic coat, which can be worn three ways for example: as a dress, as a coat, and by removing a zip, also a cropped bolero jacket. We tried to be more intuitive and technical with each new collection, without being too fussy or overly clever.


Who is the woman you are designing for?


The Nemozena woman is a global citizen and conscious of the world around her. She is culturally curious, driven, thoughtful, and confident. Believing in the need to push the conversation forward, she has a broad range of interests from contemporary art, current affairs, sustainability and her personal style.


While she appreciates the slower values of yesterday, she rejects the stuffiness of traditional grandeur and is embracing a more relaxed approach to luxury, looking to move beyond the typical into the unusual, giving her the ability to see the unseen and communicate her individuality. She also doesn’t have time for fads.



What can you tell us about some of the unique materials used in your designs?


We source our material directly from Italy. The materials we use are functional, feel good on the body, and have a sense of innovation in them at the same time. Fabrics that are “multi-weather” and can endure long hours of travelling. We are really keen on fabrics that reflect a sense of luxury, but at the same time are anti-crease, stain resistant, water resistant and easy to care.


Take techno wool for an example, which is a key fabric in the new winter collection: it can be packed in a case for a long trip and appear crease free at the other end, it’s water resistant and also easy to wash. And above all, it’s luxurious.


Do you have a favourite piece from the AW19 collection?


The trench coat and the trench dress have to be my favourite pieces. They are classy, versatile and have a touch of coolness about them but still allow you the freedom to adapt them to your own personal style. I strongly believe that clothes should not take on the personality of the wearer



Why is sustainability important to you as a brand and what are you doing to support it?


Sustainability is becoming a very important subject for everyone these days. It is essential that we all commit ourselves to doing our best with working ethically and always striving for improvement. The brand reflects the idea of buying consciously by giving value to fashion pieces that are made to last.


This is why for us, quality and timeless style are really important, it is all about respecting and reflecting on the choices we make including our brand values, integrity, honesty and originality. To this end, our pieces encourage women to buy carefully as well as responsibly and by choosing Italian made fabrics, we are also additionally supporting age-old family textile businesses and rejecting mass-produced and mass-manufactured fashion.


What are the three key pieces every woman should own?


A woman should own pieces that compliment her three most important attributes; her body, her confidence and her personality. In terms of specific pieces, I would say a stylish trench coat, a boyish shirt and a flowing dress that can be worn multiple ways over multiple seasons.


What are the biggest challenges you face as a designer today?


It’s a tough industry and a tough business. In a continuously evolving commercial and digital landscape, designers must remain true to the core conceptual ideas while keeping up with technology, customer engagement and the industries changing needs.


With communication constantly speeding up, there is a higher need to be at the forefront of changes in a very short time, so we can work on how and if we want to fit into such changes whilst trying to find a way to stand out at the same time.



What would you still like to achieve at Nemozena that you haven’t done yet?


Nemozena is a young brand so we are working hard at building its image, values and awareness. There isn’t an ultimate goal that we’re striving to achieve, however with each season that we design for, comes a better understanding of what we are doing and why we are doing it and this is what helps us grow and improve. We really want to help women get up in the morning and feel and look effortlessly cool, all over the world.


You’re already pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology at Nemozena – what next?


Fashion is always evolving and so accepting innovative changes depends on how long it takes for an idea to get out there and be understood. We are setting new standards of innovation through the reversible capsule of Nemozena, but the brand is still really young. However, that being said, I can’t wait to be asking myself the question about what’s next for Nemozena!


What is the professional motto you live by?


Keep inspired, keep going and get to know your customer!


And your personal motto?


Whatever you do just remember to do it with a smile.



Who or what is your fashion inspiration?


I can get inspired by anything, an idea, a concept or sometimes even just a colour or a small element of an artwork. Through the years, I’ve always found Dries Van Noten’s work inspiring. The way he mixes colours and patterns, sometimes in a clashing way, sometimes harmoniously, but always so effortlessly fresh and respectful about what the brand represents.


Are you reading a book at the moment?


I just finished reading ‘The Spy’ by Paolo Coelho


How would you describe Nemozena in one word?






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