New Dimensions: See Prada’s Fall/Winter 2023 Men’s and Women’s Collections

Lindsay Judge   |   31-08-2023

Prada’s Fall/Winter men’s and women’s collections rediscover the ideas of beauty with looks that explore the fundamentals of fashion. See more below in our latest editorial shoot.


Photography: John Rowley
Styling & Direction: Lindsay Judge
Models: Emilie at M&P, Harrison at Supa
Hair and Makeup: Lisa Valencia
Location: Saint Margaret’s at Cliffe, United Kingdom


SHE WEARS: Suede Jacket Cashmere Wool Sweater Cotton Padded Mini Skirt
HE WEARS: Mohair Wool Suit Jacket Mohair Wool Pants Brushed Leather Tote All Prada


Technical Fabric Suit Jacket Shetland Wool Cardigan Stretch Natté Pants Opaque Brushed Leather Lace-Up Shoes
All Prada

SHE WEARS: Velour Cloth Coat
Cotton Padded Top Suede Jacket Stretch Natté Pants All Prada



Wool & Cashmere Cardigan, Stretch Natté Pants, Brushed Leather Sneakers, Brushed Leather Tote
All Prada


Gabardine Nattè Jacket with Contrasting Collar, Gabardine Nattè Trousers,
Brushed Leather Tote
All Prada


Cloth and Leather Coat, Gabardine Nattè Skirt, Pumps
All Prada