Paris Fashion Week: Balmain Fall/Winter 2022

Lindsay Judge   |   03-03-2022

The Balmain army wore their armour last night for the Fall/Winter 2022 show by Olivier Rousteing.


While not inspired by the tragic events in Ukraine this collection seemed somehow fitting in light of what is happening. The designer showed his solidarity for the people affected with a personal message before the show on his social media account.



He wrote: “As we show our collection, we are well aware that there are more important things happening in the world today. It’s hard to feel right about focusing on runways and clothes, as we listen with a heavy heart to the latest news. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainians. We are inspired by their dignity, resilience and devotion to freedom. In order to feel a little less helpless, I have donated to the Emergency Ukraine fund at UNHCR @refugees The United Nation Refugee Agency. I would invite anyone else who shares my concerns to consider making their own donation. We are together for freedom.”



The collection was undoubtedly inspired by armour and military wear but it also took accents from the bandages and protection pads that Rousteing was required to wear after an accident during lockdown that cause him severe burns on his body. In more ways than one, this was a collection about fighting back, about strength and about solidarity.


With a neutral colour palette combined with subtle pastel tones and flashes of gold, the designer shows pieces in classic Balmain shapes, combining the brand’s codes with pieces that appear futuristic.



The finale featured a selection of evening dresses and designs that featured some of the motifs and codes that were first presented on the runway in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. The designer put his own twist on the designs but highlighted how these timeless elements are still very relevant today.



See more of the collection below: