Richard Quinn Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s Style With His Spring Summer 2023 Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   21-09-2022

To close London Fashion Week, British designer Richard Quinn paid homage to the late Queen Elizabeth who famously sat front row at his show in 2018.


Quinn who reportedly redesigned his entire Spring/Summer 2023 collection in the days since the Queen died, dedicated the offering to the late monarch and even featured over 100 screens playing videos and imagery of her above the runway.



Elements of Her Majesty’s style were presented throughout including jewelled tiaras, long capes, lace veils, and elegant face coverings.



The show opened with a series of dramatic all/black looks, as a nod to the period of mourning. These 23 looks were reportedly designed and made in the ten days since the Queen’s death. He was inspired by Queen Elizabeth II as well as previous monarchs such as Queen Victoria and Elizabeth’s late sister Margaret.



The black looks were followed by a series of colourful looks, featuring Quinn’s trademark latex suits, all-in-one outfits and bold OTT prints.



Quinn also sourced materials locally in London, working with a series of fabrics that celebrated the city and also explored new realms for the designer.


Richard Quinn was awarded the first Queen Elizabeth II Award for British design back in 2018, which saw the monarch famously sit front row next to Anna Wintour at his debut runway show. He has since dressed celebrities such as Kendall Jenner Priyanka Chopra, Kylie Minogue and Amal Clooney and continues to raise his status in the fashion world.