See BAZAZA’s New Collection: Under My Bed

Lindsay Judge   |   16-09-2022

BAZAZA has unveiled a new collection inspired by the fictional characters that live under the bed.


This colourful, fairy-tale-inspired offering from the Arab designer invites the audiences to dream of faraway lands.



In a world that is becoming more virtual and less sincere by the day, a world where we are all hungry to claim credit but not give credit when it is due, the need to appreciate each person’s individuality and uniqueness is growing vital.


The characters in this collection come in the form of fairies and monsters: the kind that would hypothetically be lurking under your bed!



“The place under my bed was not envisioned as a spooky or scary space; on the contrary, it carries a lot of beading and shine, a fancy atmosphere filled with sparkles of hope apparent in all the intricate beadworks on our gowns. Close your eyes and you can see the light in the darkness, the motifs of floral and mythical elements from petals and mushrooms to snakes and wandering eyes.” Said Hussein Bazaza.



Elegant tailoring and soft feminine pieces are presented in a rainbow of colours across the collection. Flowing chiffon, tweed, tulle,  leather, denim and lace are accompanied by diverse accessories and new bags in ten distinct versions.



There are nods to the brand’s signature styles throughout in the form of colour blocking, geometric cuts and lace collage.


This playful collection offers a light-hearted approach to fashion for this season.