The Juma Sisters Discuss Their Brand Sekka 38 and Working Together as a Family

Lindsay Judge   |   01-04-2023

Sekka 38 was founded by three Emirati sisters with a passion for fashion. In 2012 they decided to turn that passion into a career when they started to create tailored classic garments for their friends and family.


The feedback was incredible and as the demand became greater, the Juma sisters decided it was time to launch their own brand. Sekka 38 was officially launched in 2016. Influenced by their mother’s unique sense of style and her innate ability to alter any piece of clothing to make it her own, each Sekka 38 garment is an item into which they pour their creativity, reflecting their unique personalities.


The brand focuses on creating pieces that are built to last, rather than following the latest trends, and puts a modern twist on traditional Arabic dress. The brand’s collections feature Clean silhouettes and impeccable details crafted from luxurious fabrics that can be worn season after season. The latest collection “Dreamscapes” represents a new chapter for the brand into more contemporary fashion that remains dedicated to the traditions of the abaya, yet exudes an avante-garde aesthetic.


Extravagant and bold designs allow for the Sekka 38 woman to stride freely, possessing an aura like no other. A long-lasting impression, in state-of-the-art silhouettes, and exceptional embroidery, alongside remarkable prints combine cut-out features and contrasting tassels. As the new collection is revealed we find out more about the brand and the plans for the future.


Tell us about your brand Sekka 38 and the vision.

We started Sekka 38 with a vision to create elevated classics to cherish forever, consisting of polished staples that transcend seasons. Our DNA is where reality meets fantasy with a focus on timelessness, uncompromising quality and attention to detail, where the notion of luxury defines beautifully crafted styles that are made to last.



What is the inspiration behind your designs and how would you categorise them?

Influenced by our mother’s unique sense of style and her innate ability to alter any piece of clothing to make it her own, each of our garments is an item into which we pour our creativity, reflecting each of our unique personalities. The Sekka 38 universe is brought to life through vibrant hues and playful silhouettes. In creativity, time, and precision each of our designs behaves as a canvas of the re-imagined, fun, and timeless magic.



Tell us about how you started designing and why you decided to turn your passion into a brand.

We began designing in 2012 with a desire to create tailored classics for our family and friends. Due to increasing demand, we officially launched in Dubai in 2016. As a tribute to our tight-knit bond, Sekka 38 is derived from the Arabic word “سكة” (sekka) which means street combined with the street number we grew up on, symbolising where we share our fondest memories.



We hear you have a special collection launching for Eid – tell us about this collection and what we can expect. 

The collection launching for Eid is called Dreamscapes and is a journey of colour, fantasy and luxury. The collection consists of unique abayas for all occasions. Expect a universe of bold colours, clean-cut fabrics and intricate details.


What are some of the highlight pieces?

The Padded Abaya and the Tassel Abaya.



Working together as sisters how do you divide the areas and roles within the business? 

As sisters we think alike, however, all of us have different strengths and through our differences, we allocate each sibling to the task that is most catered to her skills and work ethic style. For example, we are all involved in the design process but there’s one who has a keen eye for colour and one who likes to be adventurous and think outside the box fused with one’s classic taste and the other’s dressy outlook. Together these elements bring out versatile designs that cater to every woman.


What’s the biggest challenge you face working so closely with family?

The biggest challenge regarding working with one another is that we are individuals and at times have conflicting opinions, which we aren’t afraid to speak up about! But at the end of the day, we must work together to represent the brand that resonates with all of us.


What is the biggest positive about working together?

The biggest positive to working together is also that we are individuals and each has our own strengths to bring to the table. Being sisters, we also know each other incredibly well and have a unique bond



Where would you like to see your brand in five years?

In the next five years, we would love to see Sekka 38 sold internationally in markets such as Europe, Asia and America while being true to our creative DNA with a modest perspective.



How do you think traditional Emirati and Arabic dress can inspire fashion on a global level? 

The attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship is second to none in Emirati and Arabic dress and we believe can inspire fashion on a global level. We don’t believe in fast fashion but rather invest in timeless pieces that will last a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations.


What more would you like to see being done to support and encourage designers in the Middle East?

It would be great to see more international initiatives, particularly in bringing emphasis to the significance of traditional styles that influence what we call modernity today. Social media is a great place to meet like-minded women that support and encourage designers within the entirety of the Middle East.



What does Ramadan mean to you?

Ramadan means self-reflection, giving back and spending time with your loved ones throughout the wholesome, Holy Month.


How will you be spending Eid this year?

This year we are planning to spend Eid with our family. We haven’t decided yet whether we will travel or stay in Dubai but either way, Eid is all about spending quality time with the ones you love.



Who is a designer or brand that inspires you? 

We can never go past the timeless and classic style of Coco Chanel and how she shaped fashion. There are so many icons over the years who embrace their personality through their fashion which inspires us to take bold, creative steps.


Who is the woman that you design for?

We design for women who know what they want in life but also have a side of creativity and magic to them.


What else is in the pipeline for the brand for the coming year? 

We plan to build a more global presence for the brand where we can portray Sekka 38’s artistic views and craftsmanship to the world.