The New Giorgio Armani Privé Collection is a Tribute to the Rose

Lindsay Judge   |   05-07-2023

The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection “Le temps des roses” pays homage to the red rose; a symbol of romance, love and life.


Giorgio Armani plays with this iconic symbol in various ways, reinterpreting it in oversized blooms, embellished petals and sculptured shapes that don’t compromise on the romanticism of this universal motif.



Mysterious roses are presented in glossy lacquered textures, embossed on surfaces in a pattern adorned with graphic black and brilliant accents of gold. The entire parade offers an iridescent glow as models shimmy down the runway.


As with many of the Italian designer’s collections, the Far East strongly influences this offering thanks to Mr Armani’s fascination with this region of the world. A journey from the oriental world to the modern West through elongated silhouettes that sway and capture the essence of couture with every movement.



The rose is repeatedly seen across looks that epitomise the brand’s DNA. Sharp geometric lines highlight the designer’s sense of precision, while soft accents offer a sense of feminine romanticism. Cropped jackets, long skirts, fluid trousers and floor-length dresses skim the body and sculpt the silhouette.



In accessories are slim and elegant with pointed toes and higher than we have seen in the past. Many also feature a rose motif at the toe or mesh detailing.



The final look saw an unconventional bride dressed in red with rose decorated glistening bodice. She is undeniably elegant yet bold and powerful.