What You Need To Know About Dior Cruise 2019 Show Venue

Diana Bell-Heather   |   09-04-2018


Dior confirmed the Great Stables in the Château de Chantilly as the venue for the Cruise 2019 show on May 25.


Joining the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci who have all chosen an iconic venue in France, the house of Dior has many reasons for selecting Chantilly Stables as the location for their newest collection – including the fact that one of a gowns from Christian Dior’s Fall 1947 collection was baptized there.


The historic stables just outside of Paris are the largest in Europe and were constructed in the 18th century by architect Jean Aubert for the seventh Prince de Condé, Louis-Henri de Bourbon. Symbol of French prestige and art de vivre, the stables have long standing ties with the French fashion house as Christian Dior designed an evening dress inspired by the town of Chantilly for his second ever collection.


The Great Stables offer equestrian shows throughout the year, devoted to the art of haute-école horse training which has been contributing to Chantilly’s international renown for more than 30 years – we suspect an equestrian theme is in the works.


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