Story Behind Dior Fall 2018 Collection

Eliza Scarborough   |   29-05-2018

The starting point of the Dior Fall 2018 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri was the rediscovery of the work of Claude Cahun, pseudonym of Lucy Schwob, 1894-1954, surrealist writer, photographer, actress, political activist and member of the French Resistance.


The Artistic Director was first struck by her photographic self-portraits. In these images Claude Cahun constantly questioned identity and gender, and the complex and ever-changing social constructs. The collection is propelled by the artist and her decision to embody the character of Claude in order to, ‘see [herself] in the third person,’ but also by her photos, in which the concepts of masculine and feminine are poses and masks.



Maria Grazia Chiuri also draws inspiration from the House’s more recent history, incorporating it into her ongoing dialogue with the Dior heritage. Thus, this collection demonstrates that it is notably through fashion that the complementary between masculine and feminine defines individuality in the twenty-first century. After the Second World War, with the New Look, Christian Dior gave women back the pleasure of their femininity. Likewise, today, Maria Grazia Chiuri wants women to have the necessary tools to be first and foremost people and not characters.



In the occasion of the re-opening of the Dior flagship boutique in the new Dubai Mall extension recently, some gold pieces will be pre-launched exclusively at the new Dior boutique in Dubai Mall.



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