Kim Kardashian, North West and Kris Jenner for Fendi’s #MeAndMyPeekaboo

Diana Bell-Heather   |   11-07-2018

Kim Kardashian north west fendi

Courtesy of Fendi.


There are certain items in our wardrobes that carry a special meaning, and the newest Fendi campaign explores the relationship with the iconic Peekaboo bag that stars North West alongside her mother Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner.


As part of the ongoing campaign to celebrate 10 years of the Peekaboo, today the fashion house unveils a series of images and videos with the Kardashian family, with Kanye West lending his Love Lockdown song as the soundtrack. Fendi’s Chief Executive Officer, Serge Brunschwig, told WWD:


“We wanted to show the most genuine and authentic aspect that is behind the people we collaborate with, and the complicity between the women of the family.”


Kim Kardashian north west fendi


Below, Kim Kardashian shares her relationship with her family and why she is also a fan of Fendi’s iconic bag.


Use one word to describe your daughter/mother/sister.

I would define my daughter as pure and my mother as love.


How is your relationship with your daughter/mother/sister? What the best part?

I have an extremely close relationship with my mom and my daughter. They are my two best friends. I just love sharing my life with them both. Family really means the world to me.


What does Fendi mean to you?

The ultimate chic! Cool luxury.


What do you think you have in common with the Fendi woman?

Fendi women are strong women and I can connect with that.


Use three words to describe the Peekaboo.

Chic, classic and elegant.


Would you define the Peekaboo as Timeless? Why?

The Peekaboo is timeless because it’s so simple and a classic bag you can wear no matter the occasion or season. That’s why I chose the Peekaboo, because its classic but also modern as you can change the strap with your outfit or personality.


Kim Kardashian north west fendi


Tell us which is an essential could not miss inside your Peekaboo?

I always have my phone, candy and my KKW Beauty Nude Lipstick in my Peekaboo.


The Peekaboo is all about secrets. Tell us about your hidden you?

I don’t have many secrets honestly, but if I did I couldn’t really share them! It’s good to hold things close to your heart.


Tell us about Los Angeles Why it is so inspiring to you?

I grew up in Los Angeles – it’s home for me. I love being there and I’m so content when I’m there.


What was it like shooting the video in this city?

It was such a comfortable day playing and working with my mom and daughter. I will have these memories forever.


Any anecdote from this day on set?

We had gummy bears on set as bribes, but they didn’t work because North caught lady bugs instead and was more interested in those.


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