Armani Announces Michelin-Starred Dishes For Iftar And Sohour

Emma Hodgson   |   19-02-2024

Armani has announced its Ramadan Nights series, which will run throughout the Holy Month at the Armani Hotel Dubai. 

The property’s stunning Armani/Pavilion will serve as the backdrop for the perfect al fresco Iftar and Sohour. 

For the ultimate sunset gathering, Armani invites diners to savour an inspired collection of global flavours from across the region and beyond, served buffet style. 

Culinary highlights include slow-cooked melt-in-the-mouth ouzi, bespoke cooked shawarma, and a chef’s selection of dishes from Michelin-starred Armani/Ristorante.

Guests can choose local Middle Eastern or North African favourites including Moroccan shakshuka, and a choice fresh manakish; Turkish kunafa and lokum along with Emirati luqaimat doughnuts. 

Meanwhile, the gentle sounds of the property’s traditional musicians and the mesmerising Dubai Fountain sound and light spectacle will add special seasonal meaning to the evening.

Iftar: AED 385 per person, available from sunset until 9 pm; Sohour: AED 295 per person; available from 10pm to 1 am.